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  1. 2and900 liked a post in a topic by Ucantstopdafunk in Started a give away on steam, gonna let the AJSA get in on this   
    Everyone now and then when a game i love goes on sale, i decide to share that joy with random strangers, i did it for mount and blade, i did it for rising storm, now i am doing it for Civ V: Complete edition and The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, to find the give-aways go the steam communtiy hub for the game of your choosing and look in the discusssions section for either Time for a give-away (Civ V: Complete edition) or Time for a give-away (BOI: Rebirth) the post are generally new so it should be easy to find them, you will also find the rules there.
  2. Jitterdoomer liked a post in a topic by Ucantstopdafunk in I need some people to play with on my new PC.   
    Three days ago I finished building my first ever gaming PC and I am loving it so far, I have some people to play with but I would like more, I play red orchestra/rising storm, planetside 2, killing floor, anno 2070, and guns of Icarus online (those are really all the games I have installed to my PC at the moment) add me on steam (Thegreatraisin) if you are interested.
  3. FlurpDurp liked a post in a topic by Ucantstopdafunk in Can anyone tell me about some great strategy games on steam?   
    I really love strategy games. mostly 4X and RTS games. My favorite Strategy games are Anno 2070, Galactic Civilizations II, Civilization V and starcraft 2. Can anyone think of any games similar to those that they like and can recommend? I will apreaciate anything that you can tell me.
  4. Ucantstopdafunk liked a post in a topic by Sonny in I HAD TO DO THIS(Angryjoe picture) Could not resist   
    Ok so i got bored i do this alot.....i started a project to make a massive battle scene with angryjoe in photoshop but here is a little taster since this only took 2 mins to do i would have put other joe in next with him but i cant find a picture OF THAT MOTHER FUCKER

  5. Rapter24 liked a post in a topic by Ucantstopdafunk in Games over 10 years old you still play.   
    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, X-COM UFO Defense, Super Smash Brothers, Kirby Super Star, Jedi Academy as well, and Halo: Combat Evolved.
  6. JoelMattGarcia liked a post in a topic by Ucantstopdafunk in Recommended Gaming Headsets?   
    This guy knows where it's at.
  7. DemonsColt liked a post in a topic by Ucantstopdafunk in Can anyone tell me about some great strategy games on steam?   
    thanks for the recommendations everyone,
  8. AwkwardCrying liked a post in a topic by Ucantstopdafunk in Your idea of the perfect game for you.   
    another game i would really like is a metro police manager, i am a big fan of tycoon,simulation,management games and to be put in charge of a police department and have to manage the homicide,vice,fraud and all other departments while putting regular cops on the beat and handling the press, that would be a really cool game to me.