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Dark Mr.E

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  1. When ever I get payed.
  2. Go ahead and add me, I should be on around the 1st of December when I get paid...hopefully I find a PS4.
  3. Quest 64.....as I look back, I don't even think it was a finished game. Just a beta that cost me $80. Yep, back then most N64 games ranged from $60-$80.
  4. Whenever I get paid. Then it's on.
  5. Should Sega join the Console war once again?! I know it sounds so far fetch, but if you look at their activity of late they have been buying up small Japanese game companies left and right. The latest was Atlus, creators of the famed persona series and many other JRPGs. With these extra addition to their already owned IPs, they might have enough to pull off a comeback to the console market. What do you think? Should they come back to battle, or just stay a merchant of war?
  6. Graphics wise, it will depend on your PC. Experience wise, to each his own. Trying to get some games running on my PC is a nightmare. I don't have a high end rig. But some of those same games I have on a console run fine, without me putting effort into it. They don't look as good as PC, but I just want to play the game. Not try to hack NORAD.
  7. Every newly released electronic device will come with its share of temporary problems. It all just boils down to company support to fix these problems. Even during the RRoD fiasco, Microsoft did an awesome job meeting that problem head on with good tech support and ease of mind shipping/receiving.
  8. The last bosses in Gears of War 1 and 2. Both were very anticlimactic and simple.
  9. Good job SONY! Now I hope they utilize this good fortune and not leave us with a drought of games till next holiday.
  10. I think this is just normal traditional thing to do with every sought after new electronic product released. I remember when the PS3 launched and there was a video of a guy that after receiving his launch system, proceeded to smash it in front of the rest of the people waiting in line. Same thing happened when the second iPhone adaptation was released a few years back. It's just a publicity stunt. Funny, but just something to get peoples feathers in a twist.
  11. I got mine as a gift last year. This past year I was debating on trading it in. After seeing the cross play in action, I'm so glad I kept it.