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    RPG, RTS, 4X, Rogue-like
  1. While I love Star Wars and loved the previous Star Wars games, I will not even look at this game before hearing from both AJ as well as TB because I will never again trust EA after their Dragon Age II disaster. And as a grumpy old school Kotor I & II fan I really dislike the fact that they butchered the KotOR franchise in favor or a decent MMO broke my *that's-no-RPG-it's-a-MMO* heart.
  2. Yeah I play it, I quite enjoy it though I play on the Eu server and while I do have some problem with the game, I was on a panel on it earlier today and I do think that the game has great potential if they work a bit more on their monetization model. Would also love to see a subforum featuring either World of Tanks or Wargaming.net to cover their 3 main games: World of Tanks World of Warplanes World of Warships
  3. This may be a pretty old post, you guys might want to know that even though I'll personally try and help when it comes to false copyright claims on YouTube 100% of the times. You might want to know about the fact that Dodger doesn't hate this person without a reason and he's actually been banned from TB's twitch for leaking personal information about Dodger. Not to judge a person after a single event, but don't praise someone for no reason than the fact that others are doing it.
  4. Hello everybody, my name is Bloodstainer I'm Swedish and I've been part of the Angry Army for quite some time, I can't really remember back when I first discovered Angry Joe. I make Tank and Plane reviews from World of Tanks & World of Warplanes on YouTube and prefer Single-player RPG games, though I really enjoy good multiplayer games and a few MMOs, unfortunately a lot of MMO's are just copy + paste right now. Feel free to ad me to Steam or PM me with any sort of question! Here's a long and not-even-close-to-complete list of games I've played and is still playing Games I Often play: World of Tanks League of Legends Skyrim Borderlands 2 World of Warplanes KoTOR I & II Final fantasy IV & VI Games I play Regularly: Dragon Age Mass Effect Empire at War Witcher I & II Oblivion Torchlight I & II Dota 2 Final Fantasy 1-3 & V Any Pokémon handheld-game Games I rarely play: Any Assassin's Creed Batman Arkham Asylum Dark Souls Dead Space Fable: The Lost Chapter Fallout Dawn of War I Pokémon TCG Online Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition Games I've spent a lot time Playing: World of Warcraft (~4000 hours) Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild Wars WC3 Red Alert Pokémon Gold (~450 hours) Skyrim (~750 hours)