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  1. Assassins Creed Unity has been confirmed for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One in Winter 2014. It will be set in France during the French Revolution (Which lasted from 1789 to 1799). Ubisoft said they have been working on the new Assassins Creed game for over three years now and want to give a true next generation AC game. Ubisoft have also announced two demos have been prepared for E3. Single Player Campaign and a 4 Person Coop Campaign. They also said that Coop won't be like in previous games, it will have it's own campaign. Am really excited to see what is revealed at E3 2014. AC IV: BF improved nearly every complaint I had about Assassins Creed III so I think the series is going to improve again in Unity. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I love the Assassins Creed games, have been playing them since Assassins Creed II and am really excited to see where the series goes after where Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag left it. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag is definitely my favourite in the series, it looks beautiful and there is so much do to in the amazing looking open world. The game added a lot of new combat features/weapons that make it look great, especially how Edward used the environment in combat. The story was amazing in both Present day and during The Golden Age of Piracy. The story telling was done really well and the present day was great as an introduction so I'd love to see more happen in present day in Unity. A lot of people say Assassins Creed II is the best, the rooftops and narrow crowed streets were repetitive seeing them over again. I did love the story, side missions and a lot about the game and it's my second favourite but there are a lot of features not in this game and the combat isn't very great. The only weapons Ezio had were Double Hidden Blade, Sword, Throwing Knifes and Hidden pistol. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Check out the teaser for AC: Unity here: Sources: http://gamerant.com/assassins-creed-unity-4-player-coop/ https://twitter.com/shinobi602/statuses/457327029198000128 https://twitter.com/shinobi602/statuses/457327902636642304
  2. I heard this was meant to be the first Free with +, this is coming out soon, is it still going to be free with Plus? I don't have much interest in racing games but if its a full retail game that is free am sure it would be a good quality.
  3. People are saying it's basically another Dead Island with Mirrors Edge features, I don't get that. I didn't like Dead Island or Mirrors Edge at all, my friends loved them and I didn't know why but Dying Light doesn't seem the same to me, it actually looks pretty amazing in the new gameplay trailer, though it's still far from release, I think it'll be a great release. Also, even though it's not out until February next year, it's still cross gen, I wonder how long they are going to keep making cross gen, the PS4/Xbox One is out, why are they still planning games for the old consoles in times the new consoles will be 2 YEARS OLD? Check out the new trailer:
  4. Watch Dogs online is getting mixed opinions in reviews so am wondering what people think of the online of this game. Overall I like it and like how other people can just enter your world and hack you and stuff around you. It's not all the time and it's alright. I never go on Mobile and Free Roam but Racing is okay and Decryption is great when you get a full server. I like how the hacking other players and tailing exists, most the time I don't even know people are following me when tailing and that's cool.
  5. Infamous Second Son came out yesterday and despite knowing nothing about the InFamous series due to not owning a PS3, am thinking I should pick this game up very soon. It's a PS4 Major Exclusive Game Release that I've heard so much off since the release of the PS4. I was actually going to buy MGS V: Ground Zeros like tomorrow, it only came out in my country today but Angry Joe's review of it, makes me think I shouldn't buy it right now, I should probably just wait a month or so because MGS V: Phantom Pain probably won't come out for years anyway and I just want to make sure I play it before that to continue the MGS V story.
  6. I already made an upcoming games poll but considering how far away most of these releases are and a lot of them not even announced yet, so I made this thread on Retail games released this year. Which of these games coming out after June 2014 that were announced to be release this year are you getting?
  7. I already own a PS4 and am wondering if/when you will own one and what upcoming games you're excited for. Am excited especially for Thief, Infamous: Second Son, MGS and Destiny but there's a lot more great games coming up I'll probably get. Daylight, I've only heard of but looks great, a randomly generated horror, comparable to Outlast but no two playthroughs are the same. I am not counting PSN games or indies, popular retail only, if it's not in the list, please post belowI also know there a few Lego games coming out soon and for obvious reasons, they will not be in hereI will not count upcoming free to playsIf your upcoming game is not in the list, please leave a comment to tell me what am missing on If you are not getting a PS4, leave the Which games are you getting? part out. If it says Unknown or isn't exact and you know the release date, post below.
  8. Sega has announced that almost the entire cast of 1979 movie Alien will reunite for new game Alien Isolation, in two special bonus missions only available if you preorder the game getting the Nostromo Edition The first mission is called Crew Expendable and is set just after the moment when Brett is first killed by the alien. You’ll be able to play as Ripley, Dallas, or Parker, as you coordinate with Lambert and Ash to try and coax the alien out of an airlock. The second mission is called Last Survivor and set right at the end of the film, as you play as Ripley setting the destruct sequence for the ship and then trying to get to the escape craft. DLC Trailer in Spoiler.
  9. Insanely difficult? I played on the hard difficulty because I found it extremely easy and it was still pretty easy. Two thread asking about what people think of the game are this thread and this thread, both on the PS4 section of the forums.
  10. You get 130+GP every game and you can rent weapons for 24 hours for less than that or save and get the weapon permantely, I really don't see what's wrong with that. I started playing this game today and am Level 5 and really enjoy it, it's easy to get GP and rank up.
  11. Am talking about retail, not the PSN stuff.
  12. Retail ONLY. Not counting whatever is on the PS market. I was wondering what games people got, I got AC: Black Flag, COD: Ghosts, Killzone: Shadowfall, Battlefield 4, Knack. All of them are amazing on the new PS4. I got Resogun, Contrast, Doki Doki Universe, Sound Shapes, Flower and Flow if you care about the network games I own too.
  13. This game is probs' amazing, preordering it. It's really cheap for Day One Edition here.
  14. Hate so much how I just bought Strider. Also, I don't really like the game.
  15. Read the post I put above you. Here it is:
  16. Top Five IMO Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag inFAMOUS SECOND SON Killzone Shadowfall Watch Dogs Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros Tactical Espionage Operations
  17. Don't really like this poll as a choice of best game for the console since it's really outdated, someone voted it to top from like 6 pages back.
  18. I really like the PS4 so far and I'd say Black Flag is the best for Game of the year. I was really surprised to enjoy this because I never liked the Assassins Creed series before. Also, I really enjoyed Resogun, Ghosts and BF4.
  19. I never got really excited for Watch Dogs, I don't know why so many people thought it would be revolutionary. Tough, I don't regret it, it was a great game to a point.
  20. Watch Dogs has been confirmed to come to Xbox360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC on 27th May 2014 I was wondering how many are still excited for this game, it has been delayed for a long time and it still looks great to me. What do you think?
  21. This costs £55 ($93) on the PSN store (Non-Deluxe editon only!), that seems way to much. I thought when I heard about this it would be a cheap release/PSN Store game/Expansion for BF4. They are still to release Battlefield 4 DLC (and finish fixing the game) and they are working on Battlefield 5: SWAT, there are even rumours for the game to release in a few months at sites like here. The game can be preordered on Amazon for the 24th October 2014 for £45 ($76) but this still seems kind of too much.
  22. @Wolf I saw someone playing it on Xbox360 and compared to my PS4 version it looked like it was missingtextures and everything was just plain. Check out IGN's video here if you want to see the compare for yourself.
  23. Battlefield Hardline is in public Beta already?
  24. ?
  25. I have a problem with the game, it will not start. I've had this game for 5 days and it has worked fine up until now. I ordered it from Amazon UK. I tried to get on it and it just stopped at a certain part of Loading screen and won't load, then a trophy called "Gelocated" unlocked (It's for visiting all 100 hotspots), I have only visited 60 of them from playing before. I tried waiting, closing application and trying it again, restart the PS4, removing the disk. What's wrong with it? EDIT: I didn't mention, it's after I press continue, that loading screen. I have all guns and clothes, finished most of the side missions, am at the end of Act II, 50% total progression and a very high noreity (Top 1%) so I really don't want to loss everything.