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    Graphic / Web Design, Games, Anime, Sushi, Hiking, urban exploring.
  1. welcome
  2. Square before the merge
  3. Game looks cool kicking myself for missing out on the kickstarter.
  4. Oh Very cool, must find a way to upgrade my rig before this game gets released.
  5. Hey all, I was wondering where does one post a link for shameless self promotion for something? Not sure if there is a specific spot, but I wanted to enter a threadless shirt contest and ask the Angry Army to check out my artwork, I know there is a art section on this forum however I am unclear if I can post such a link..or what...? Thanks and everyone have a great holiday thursday!
  6. Waiting for a price drop as the games for "next gen" possibly could have been created for last gen?. Unless I see some significant ground breaking work done on these games I will probably stick with my PS3 and PC until the next next gen, or when the PS4 comes out with a version that can run PS3 games as well ( I know they said it can't, but they have said plenty in the past before) The specs for the PS4 are impressive, but I want more in terms of content.
  7. Eternal Sonata Uncharted Any of the Disgaea games Ratchet and Clank are always fun.
  8. No Invisible walls or forced walking paths. Variety of weapons would be nice.
  9. Looks goofy, perfect for a family that is into games.
  10. I never understood why Digital products years after being released still sell for the brand new ticket price, if the physical copy loses value over time for a factory sealed game then why not the digital versions? One of the Transformer games on steam still goes for around 60 bucks I believe, but the console product maybe around $20? its all bs bs bs :-p
  11. Looks cool but I will wait a few years probably as many of the games I am interested in might be getting PC releases anyways. Still got a library of ps3 games to beat.
  12. Border Lands and Border Lands 2, two games trying to be an MMO, ugh. I would of found the games more enjoyable if it wasn't for the re-spawning enemies or bosses.
  13. Hyperdimension Neptunia.
  14. Welcome to the party!
  15. Right, the graphics do not matter to much to me for the game I am trying to build, but it should be enough so the player knows what they are looking at. I will need to think of some interesting game mechanics that will be fun and not a hassle for the player. ty