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    Mostly RPGs and fighting games.
  1. I really want this game! It's a shame that Lyn still won't be a playable character, but the roster they do have definetly makes up for it. I haven't played the Demo and am probably not going to. It will come next month anyways and I wanna be suprised.
  2. I've played the first one. It was a good concept, I especially loved the feature of drawing your own map, but I couldn't really get into it. It was pretty hard and I'm not a fan of the art design. I probably didn't play long enough, but I couldn't find much of a story either. I can see why you like them, but they aren't for me. I think atlus has done better than this.
  3. My worst experience was offline. I was playing Tekken 6 with some friends and I pretty much won every round. At one point one of them threw the (my) controller against the wall and left the room in the middle of the game. He even yelled at me when I said something. I think quitting a game when it annoys you is justified, but don't ruin the fun for everyone else. At least be enough of a sport to say: "I'll finish this round, but then I leave."
  4. It would have to be an RPG. Maybe a good version of Dragon's Dogma. I always say that this game has wasted it's potential to be brilliant. Leave the combat system as it is, maybe just make it a little faster. The character creation and cutscenes are well done too. Just improve the things that really made it boring. A better quest system, a story that's worth a damn, more interesting characters... or interesting characters at all, a dialog system, multiple endings, the ability to shut up your companions and we have something amazing!
  5. I had something similar when my graphic card fan crapped out. Maybe something's wrong with your fan?
  6. No problems on my end so far. But to be honest, the way the rupper feels I'm always afraid that this might be going to happen.
  7. And I haven't bought the game yet. About time, I guess...
  8. And here's my new Desktop Background. Awesome work.
  9. Hey, I like Ike! Anyway, I go for Pikachu. Just because it's Pikachu and I hate this yellow abomination!
  10. I'll absolutely get it. It's the game I'm looking forward to the most!
  11. Gongrats to the team members. Come on, make us proud!
  12. In movies probably Dracula. Just because... well, it's Dracula, dammit! In games I'll go for the moon in Zelda Majoras Mask. It gave me nightmares as a kid.
  13. This guy can't be taken seriosly and it was actually kinda entertaining seeing him going all childish against Joe. I especially liked when Spoony butted in.
  14. Pretty good. I especially like that disclaimer.
  15. Well, Guilty Gear is already a good one. And if the Bloody Roar rumor is true, that'd be really awesome.