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Posts posted by wildfox99

  1. ya we came up to the game buging out to much to were we would sit there i lost a year to some bug were i could not play at all and after i fixed it my crew was fed up with the games constint buging out and we decided to leave it but traff and BWC are still very active and would welcome you in 

  2. all of my gameservers consist of the following specs:

    Dual Xeon quad core
    32-128gb of ram
    SSD drive in raid with multi level redundant backups
    10gbp/s uplink speeds and 1gb/s redundant backup NIC

    I run my own IT & Website bussiness, this has been a passion of mine since i started all this 6 years ago.

    pros and cons

    pro1: Massive player base - easy to expand any community

    pro2: Extreme flexibility in plugins, all code is open source

    pro3: Server are run how we see fit, after all these are TRUE dedciated server with 24/7 Paid staff

    con1: Costly servers are expensive and Minecraft is a resource hog

    con2: Huge time sink - even the smallest builds or plugins can take hours to days

    con3: High "kid" base - most players are young kids that cry alot

    The plan for the server is as follows:

    Server 1:

    PVP Factions - this server will be designed to hold all out war, all factions will be competing in the race to achieve greatness
    and hold the server. The way this is obtained is a constant circle of raiding and pillaging.

    located on this server will also be PVP based minigames, and custom plugins developed by me and my staff.

    Please note this server was started 2 days prior to the posting of this, and therefore is still in development. we are seeking people to help us stress test
    and work with us in building a top-notch community.

    Server 2:

    PVE Factions - this server is based on the "Survival element" players are spawned in, given a days worth of food and some basic tools.
    from there it is up to them to develop their land, design their building and put their building skills up against all others.
    This server will have controlled PVP and is designed to be more of an economy server. gather your resources, mass produce them, and sell them to other players
    thus achieving a wealth status far above what others can dream of having.

    Server 3: Up for suggestion

    Server 4: Modded server ( Currently taking suggestions on which mod poeple would like to see being further developed )

    Please keep in mind i will be taking full cost of all server bills, all servers are hosted under my bussiness and payed for by me and/or the company.

    Thank you for your time!
    feel free to comment with you Minecraft username and join us for our upcoming beta/stress test Monday July 20th, 2014

    Post written by Raydude  /sapported by wildfox99