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  1. I just hope the title isn't connected t0 the also rumored Bethesda game studios freemium game
  2. Bethesda pushed it back to 9 p.m. PDT / 12 a.m. EDT, June 12 / 5 a.m just so ya know
  3. I prefer single player games. I love to have my friends come over and play through I game I've already been through. We always have tons of fun goofing off and joking about whats going on.
  4. I just hope Beth learns from obsidian and remembers to add a good dose of choice to 4, because as 3 and skyrim were great games they had very little in terms of choice during quests. Also the new voiced protag will severely limit roleplaying and I think decision making in some aspects. I'm looking forward to 4 a lot but I'm a tad nervous.
  5. I wouldn't call it teenage drama bullshit (they often don't include bat shit crazy teachers who kidnap and take creepy photos of their students.)..........did you find max or what she goes through relatable? I really loved the story and characters. I also think the schoolyard can be the setting for some dark and twisted storylines.
  6. ^You slaughtered a town full of people........................................SHAME!
  7. The ending with Chloes death was pretty poetic when you think about it. You spend most of your time through the episodes trying to save her from dying, but at the same time you are screwing with time travel. In the end it seemed like it was Chloe's destiny to die because when she did everything fell into place with Nathan and the teacher getting caught. Max left arcadia bay.........and chloe. In the end Max got to spend one last week with the friend she left behind. Maybe that's why the butterfly showed up to max. To give her a chance to spend time with her best friend before she died.
  8. I highly suggest playing Bully if you haven't yet. It uses the rockstar formula similar to how red dead did. Its still a great game on its own today. Way better then GTA 4 too in my opinion.
  9. Really hyped. The original Ratchet and Clank was my first game!
  10. Bioshocks were great shooters. Farcry 3 and 4 are good to. Borderlands 2 and pre-sequel. All the good shooters currently on my mind. Heard Wolfenstein was pretty good too.
  11. Exploring the world and reading books and emails. Just taking everything in. Leveling up and being really strong by the end of game feels badass and cool.
  12. It sounds like their speaking some sort of language in the trailer.
  13. I think we know now why the game has no microtansactions.............................A 50 DOLLAR SEASON PASS!
  14. So will the story consist mostly of grunts?
  15. So.......does this mean the characters will speak a different language? Son of a Bitch! I hate reading subtitles through a whole game!