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  1. The only team, mate. And with this message I'm logging off for the last time. Therefore I won't be checking the thread again. The Pinball Arcade is calling, I'm sure I can get a decent score again.... some how, some way........ OUT!
  2. Well, now I'm on the outs, I can confess to being a Chelsea fan.
  3. Oh, thanks for the kind words, but really there is no need. It's really a case of - you know, a certain type of clothing is in fashion, so you save up and buy it for yourself. But, while on everyone else it looks good, on you it makes you look like a mental patient. Hm - not sure that analogy works. Thanks for not just abusing me, anyway. My criticisms are sincere, but they in no way represent anyone elses views. A lot of people are clearly very happy here - so they're doing something right! Peace! ps: Seriously - have any of you played The Pinball Arcade? There's a table, Mars Attacks - I've been playing it for two days straight, but my scores are going DOWN. WTF?
  4. Yeah I know, no-one likes a drama queen (or king in my case). I can already hear the "If you wanna leave you should just go, there's no need to post about it", or even the "Yeah right, you'll be back." We've all seen such things on forums time and again. Yet I'm going to post this anyway because a) Neither of the above instances apply to me; You never know, it might help others. So I'll keep it simple. I'm leaving this site. By that I mean I'm removing it from my favorites, and will no longer come back here to check posts. I'm not asking for the account to be cancelled, but if the MOds think that's best then of course it's the right thing to do. Rather than just leave and try to make it dramatic, let me simply list why I've chosen to bail out. These explain why I've not been more active too. I could go on, but I want to stay focused, and leave it at the main two. 1) The forum software is just awful. Maybe it's just my setup, but I don't have the problem at other forums. I can't cut and paste text from messages. The editing box doesn't handle paragraph breaks in a logical way. The ability to edit a post (sometimes I type like a fat fingered Whale) goes away after a period of time. Just awful. Get vBulletin for goodness sakes. 2) The forums are badly designed. We have a General Discussion section that on any normal gaming site would be for general chatter about games - but on this site it has all kinds of things that belong in an Off-Topic forum. You have to wade through a lot of sh*t to find the interesting bits. It's just poor execution I'm afraid, and screams rank amatuer. Sorry. I seriously thought the Mods would have figured this out by now, and made changes, but they haven't. 2a) The whole raffle fiasco (see pinned thread). I didn't even enter it, but really, a classroom of teens could have run it better, and been more forthcoming and open. It was a shambles, and didn't reflect well on the site at all. I saw a single thread on the topic, and rather than discuss it, it was closed. Poor show. Now, I must admit, I don't understand this whole "Internet PErsonality" thing. I confess some of the posts about Joe are basically creepy. He's just a guy doing game reviews on Youtube....... Having said that, he goes the extra mile, and does it in an entertaining way, and I can certainly appreciate the effort he puts in. Once I started to think "Man, some of these people need to get a grip", I realized the problem wasn't so much them, it was me. This just isn't the kind of place I enjoy talking about games in (I'm severely hooked on The Pinball Arcade at the moment, by the way.) Anyway - onwards and upwards. I wish this enterprise luck in whatever endeavors it undertakes. It's not as though everyone is a tad strange, or I don't enjoy reading some of the posts (although one of the sensible ones apparently supports Liverpool, which is weird. Just kidding). From this Cadet - it's over and Out. Peace all!
  5. You know, "Fame" is so common place and irrelevant that someone posting a video on Youtube can lay claim to a forum thread if they choose to give up. I mean seriously. He's just another guy making videos. Now, apparently, he's not. I guess I'll never understand this elevation of Youtubers to the status of celebrity.
  6. Actually, your hobbies can affect how successful you are. For example, if you spent the same amount of time studying a topic to further your career as you do gaming, don't you think you'd be better at what you do? Of course you would. There are people out there playing 12 hours of gaming a day. They'd be better off studying or working to get ahead. So yeah, there's a grain of truth in it.
  7. Agree AS. What's the urgency to kill COD? Titanfall is a newer game, it's better to enjoy both - there's no need for one to end the other.
  8. I lived in Houston for five years. No way is Arizona going to be worse.
  9. Is it a badge of honour? No. It's playing games. Honour doesn't come into it. I don't care what others think about my playing games, but at the same time I don't claim any honour.
  10. Windows 8 is just fine. There's no START menu by default in 8.0, but if people can't figure out how to get to the normal desktop and create a shortcut then they shouldn't really be using PC's. As for the future - Windows 7 will eventually die out. But not before we see Windows 9 - so it's a wait and see. Here is the rule about OS's - you should only upgrade if the new OS does something you want to be able to do, but your current version cannot. Too many people upgrade because something is new, and they simply must have whatever is new. It's a big mistake. OS upgrades ALWAYS have issues initially. My gaming rig is Windows 7 not because I'm afraid of Windows 8, but because it does everything I need/want it to do. If it isn't broke, I see no reason to fix it. I have Windows 8 on a laptop and tablet.
  11. No. No single player campaign means it's a no go.
  12. The next gen will be a service, a subscription service over the net. It won't be hardware, imo. Won't happen for 5+ years though.
  13. WHy do these PC v. Consoles topics keep coming up? They've co-existed for 30-odd years, that should tell you something. If not, you're not paying attention. As for the future - they kept saying the current gen will last ten years. I can 't see that happening at all. I also think that next gen will be a service, rather than hardware.
  14. The first film was so poor I can't bring myself to watch the second. They took everything that was good from Battle Royale, took it out, and replaced it with s*it. Awful film.
  15. I chose YES, but it's sort of ridiculous since I haven't bought a physical game in two years. It's all digital for me, and reading on the computer is a bit poor.