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  1. It's wrong that they are making dlc at all, the game is still completely broken, the optimization and AI are absolutely disgusting, not sure if it's SEGA, CA or both ut they really let me down
  2. No Buddhism?
  3. It's quite nice how they put the autumn sale ad winter sale a couple of weeks off of each other
  4. Recently i have started calling my characters, Mr Black or <unknown> for them to seem like a outlandish solo walker of the line who has a dark and unknown past
  5. It would be interesting to see him at a more active developer
  6. I have faith that telltale will make a good game, i haven't watched the show though so it doesn't really mean anything to me
  7. Although it's originally a book i would love to see a Witcher film so so much
  8. How many games do you guys own? (Not just steam)
  9. Games like call of duty really need to do that; the user base is split with some using just for multiplayer and some for just single player, if they where split into a £15 game each the 6 hour campaign would be more exeptable and people would get what they wanted
  10. Most games now you can plug in a controller and play and if it's not controller supported there's software like MonitionJoy and Xpadder
  11. PC is better in every way apart from price, it has the best hardware with the best capabilities with keyboard and mouse for preciseness, allot better that a controller for me especially in fps; there is no reason not to get a PC unless you can't afford it.
  12. Yeah, before i got my 560ti that game ran like a asshole; they need to put effort in to gain respect from the pc crowd
  13. Mature Leaning would be a very nice thing in a lotr game, i feel like if they did this i wouldn't have enough time to play anything else.
  14. I don't really see any sign at all of the disappearance of single player games; i play mainly single player games and don't tend to get as good an experience out of multiplayer games, single player games will definitely not go away, nothing tops some of the experience i can get from single player games but multiplayer is rising; all it means is that there are plenty different ways to enjoy games now ad that's a great thing. I just hope that big devs and pubs don't lean towards multiplayer, specifically F2P multiplayer in order to make as much money as they can.