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    Mainly just getting my channel off the ground, and reaching the point where I can easily live off a 20-30 hour job and the show together. XD My dream. I so envy Joe and the others. Other than that, Gaming, Skateboarding, Guitar, Photomanipulation, Mountain Dew, Gaming Again, Eating (A lot.), Sleeping, Thursdays, Christmas (Just cause I like presents.), Destroying EA Games (Besides Mass Effect, which obviously rises above said inhibitions.), Rap/Hip Hop, Eminem (Who is a whole 'nother genre in and of himself.), Heavy Metal/Nu-Metal (DISTURBED.), Doritos, Ice Cream (Yum.), Angry Joe (Naaaaaawww...), Nostalgia Critic (Pre-Hiatus.), And Plenty Of Other Wonderful Things.

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  1. A bit of a hilarious glitch I came around the other night while I was taken by pure unbridled nostalgia to play my 2nd favorite game of all time, Left 4 Dead. I found it so hysterically funny, I had to share it on my Youtube channel; and seeing as how the continual hilarity of Joe's show is something that keeps us coming back time and time again, I figured you guys might enjoy sharing it with me. XD Please enjoy. Sorry for the quality, I have yet to acquire a capture card for my 360. Any and all official videos are done on PC where I can record in high quality. In the heat of the moment I was quick to action. lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irt3UgbvjdY
  2. Hahaha thanks for checking it out dude! XD and, yeah, I admit it IS pretty creepy...O.o maybe I should give it half a Krillon face. No one could possibly be scared by it then! lolz
  3. Hey guys, check out my first ever ChaotiComparison, where I take two films and go step by step to determine which is superior. This one in particular, is aimed at comparing two found footage horror films. [REC] is a Spanish film made in 2007, and Quarantine is an American re-make that came out in 2008. I'm out to decide which one's better. Thanks for checking it out guys! XD Part 1: Intro Part 2: Supporting Cast, Cop, and Firefighter Part 3: Angela & Scott/Pablo Part 4: Plot Part 5: Zombies & Final Decision Coming Soon!!! Thanks again for watching! Please, like, comment, subscribe, and share if you like what I've put up! And, if not, please let me know why! (P.S. I am posting this because I am under the assumption that any community-made content can be posted here. If this is not the case, I apologize and I will gladly comply with the admins. XD) Long Live the Game Commander!!!
  4. Welcome to the first ever [AJSA] Game Suggestion, where I take 5 minutes to come up with, explain, and support, the most bad-ass game idea that I can! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUhKXHgzoh4 Thank you guys for watching!!! Please enjoy, and feel free to like, comment, subscribe, and share! I'm new to the YouTube Game, so all of your support is GREATLY appreciated. You guys kick ass. :-P Special Thanks to Dragon Ball Z Abridged! Go Watch Their Shit!!! www.youtube.com/user/TeamFourStar And Special Thanks to Nate Kittelson for the Awesome Countdown Timer!!! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjtkte_Fmsqt_SDpTAIFxRg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My AJSA: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/user/26854-m1k3yvasnormandy/ Long Live the Game Commander!!!
  5. Lol I definitely understand. That's too bad man. XD Especially about the disk, ODST is pretty frickin sweet. I still remember when all my friends were working day in and day out to earn the Helmet. lol Every day that was all we talked about. Sniper lessons, intense SWAT sessions, FireFight training, etc. Good times. Even my little bro grew up hearing stories about it and refused to simply accept that it was given to him without having earned it, and he is now in my group working towards the achievements with me. lol So proud. XD
  6. Remember the good old days when Recon was a symbol of all bad-assness in Halo? When it represented something, and wasn't just given out to every douchebag with a controller and a console? Remember how much it meant, how sought-after it was? By every gamer worth his salt in the Halo Universe? Well, my friends and I hope to relive this journey, and anyone who thinks they have what it takes to make the journey is welcome to come along! My friends and I only have a spot or two open, but I'll be more than willing to help organise other groups and I will even contribute my skills to anyone who would like to earn these three legendary achievements. Endure, Annual, and Deja Vu. Journey with us to the battlefield for the glory of the Angry Army, Halo, and all of Gaming! I hope to see you guys out there. Please, reply if you are interested in helping, looking for something to do, achievement hunting, looking for a challenge, or even just long to relive the glory days. XD I realize it's not exactly easy to find a group with the skills, patience, and/or games necessary to attempt these challenges, so, also consider this forum as a hub for anyone interested in earning these achievements. Period. Arranging groups, giving advice, sharing stories, etc. Long Live the Game Commander!!!
  7. hey man, I'm trying out endure, annual, and deja vu with some friends tomorrow, interested? XD
  8. I don't think that we should have any one YouTube channel for the AJSA. What I DO think we should do is create some sort of support system within our ranks for other Content Creators like Joe. We gotta start featuring eachother on our channels, flexing our muscles on YouTube, and furthering the discussion to gamers we haven't reached yet. Encourage smaller talents to join us, and promote us. Hell, we could have an AJSA Content Creator Team. A whole group of shows under Angry Joe's umbrella, similar to what Nostalgia Critic did with TGWTG, but all about gaming, and all fighting towards common goals! I've already begun preparations to start featuring key events, awesome peeps from within our ranks, and even providing supplemental reviews for games that Joe can't get to, from an Angry Army viewpoint. I'm gonna run an AJSA News segment, for special events, operations, and other important happenings. We have something bad-ASS going on here guys, and as Joe said, we gotta get the word out. We gotta share it. Anybody else agree with me? lol
  9. I had a similar idea. lol My YT channel is partially dedicated to the AJSA. After every video I post Long Live the Game Commander, and I also posted my enlistment special. lol Planning to do consistent AJSA News videos, and possibly feature cool people I find within our ranks. As well as, like you, review games that Joe can't get to, just to further the discussion. XD At any rate, I think it's a good idea, and Joe has even mentioned in an episode or two about promoting Content Creators within our ranks. I think he'd love it. Just give credit for any symbols, art, etc, that you use for it. XD That's what I am planning to do.
  10. Wassup guys? So, I was thinking about my YouTube shit one morning, and I realized that I had two Channels I was splitting my likes, comments, subs, shares, views, etc, between. Soon after, I realized that was really stupid. So, I consolidated both of them under Comical Carnage, of which I give the grand intro in this video. I go through what the channel is, what shows it will have, and what I am currently working on. I even throw in a glimpse of my latest work from one of my shows; ChaotiCritic's ChaotiComparison between [REC], the spanish horror film of 2007, and Quarantine, the American re-make of 2008. I hope you guys enjoy the video, and like, comment, and sub if you want more. I'm just starting out really, so any activity at all helps a great deal. Thanks for watching! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hod0qtsbPBk Long Live the Game Commander!!!
  11. Comical Carnage Wallpaper

    From the album Angry Army Profile

    A wallpaper I made out of my Youtube Channel Art. Check out my channel here! http://www.youtube.com/user/ChaotiCritic
  12. Happy to help. XD I run a little channel myself, so I know what you mean.
  13. It's all good. I understand. lol I almost said the same thing after trying out Survival Instinct. DX It happens to the best of us.
  14. Lol to start off, I just wanna say that the logo and name are sick as shit, along with the ending music. XD Well done there. I mainly agree with your assessments of the dungeon keeper mobile app, as almost all mobile games are designed to "part fools from their money" as Angry Joe put it so astutely. I do think that the segments could use a few more than one simple image, it just makes the whole experience a little static, BUT I do not believe that it really damages the quality of the video as a whole. A few source links to back up what you're saying would be a nice supplement, just in the description or towards the end of the video maybe? Other than that, job well done. You've gotten yourself a like, and I'mma take a look at your other vids, and hopefully subscribe if the kick ass. Looking forward to it. XD
  15. Yo man, nice video. XD Short and to the point. My god this game looks retarded...I mean, if I ever even hear about something to do with vampires I get the fuck outta dodge right there. O.o nothing good can come from it. lol But seriously, that stealth vision is probably the most unbearable mechanic to experience since Mind Jacking. Ugghhhh...props to you for surviving even a short rant. You also did a great job assessing what was wrong, especially with the stealth system/vision relationship. How they need to work together, but sure as hell don't. A couple tips though, if I may, mostly to do with editing. 1. Try and sync up the video more to what you're saying. You eventually showed how horrible the feeding mechanic was, but not for a couple minutes after having mentioned it. It really helps your credibility when we can see plainly just how true what you are saying is. 2. Try not to use other critic's words too too much, I don't think you crossed the line here, it supplemented what you were saying nicely, but just something to be weary of. I'm not watching your video to hear what someone else thinks, right? XD 3. More on a personal note, I think it's a little harsh to demand the closure of an entire developing company, especially when you don't personally know how good or bad their other games are. But, like I said, just a personal tidbit. All that aside, I thought it was funny, and I am certainly going to stay as far away from that game as possible. XD