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  1. While this is the closest answer in my opinion, In almost any way I can wrap my head around it, 2D is the easiest. First off, Model Rigging. That shit aint easy. I've taken 2 courses on 3DS Max for game development, and those rigs are easily my worst fucking nightmare. When I have to make a character, I cringe. Cringe hard. Even if you already have a rig for most characters, what if they are different heights? What its not human, but a animal like a cat or a dog? You can probably make butterflies and other insects into particle effects. (Note: I absolutely suck at it. There is a reason why we have modelers and riggers, because a lot of people cant handle rigging) Second, Animations. Compared to pixel art, where you only have to perceive it in one dimension or vantage viewpoint, you must consider ALL the viewpoints ina three dimensional animation. If it's broken on one side, it will probably be broken and or noticeably choppy/unnatural. 3D anything requires you to overcome the Uncanny Valley. (While 2D animation is the same, its just easier with 2D) And we haven't even begun adding the assets into an engine. Suppose you have an engine that handles the low-level code and a library to call upon when drawing the images into DirectX or OpenGL or whatever like Unity. Now you must consider hit-boxes, interactions with other items, weight, material type (for phongs/shading/ligthing). That's another thing, shaders. While 2D games might use shaders as well, the shaders are often baked on the actual material(or the actual pixel art themselves) that certainly cannot be the case in 3D. Borderlands has a cell shading based shader that draws the outlines as well as manages the overall lighting and shadows. Well, nearly every game has these shaders. And sometimes the shaders dont interact well with the model, and so you must modify and... It just gets complicated way to quickly with 3D And to top it all off, this was with only one asset. Imagine doing that for every other asset in the game*. *complexity and workflow depends on asset being added.
  2. Invoker is simply OP. EMP Mana burn to stronk, Cold Snap super reliable, Ice Wall is almost a perma slow. Srusly, get past that. Tornado range is too stronk, and dont get me started of Deafening Blast disable, knockback and damage. Alacrity for ez hyperstone. Forge Spirit free Desolator x2. Ghost Walk In fact, meatball and sunstrike are like his least impressive skill set. Relatively low CD and Aghs no mana cost and 3 sec invoke. Then the orb bonuses.
  3. https://www.change.org/petitions/wei-songsong-wei-return-to-dwelling-in-wisdom#share Wei "SongSong" Wei left after a devstating defeat in the hands of NOOOVVAAA And DiW can't live without him. He promises to return after 2000 signature. PLS GO SIGN PLS!
  4. Thank you! I have a throttle stick in my joystick.
  5. Yeah I've watched those videos. Sorry to hear about you and your X52 :/ I've heard from a lot of people that, when mastered, the flight stick provides a ton of advantages that mouse/keyboard players don't have. Mostly with maneuvers.
  6. Hello. I've currently been playing this game for about a week now with my Cyborg X/F.L.Y. 5 joystick, and I've been enjoying the game so far. I've been playing the Realistic/Historical Battle mode for the first days, but joined into Arcade when a friend decided to pick it up and play with his mouse. That being said, I realize and know how hard it is to actually play this game with the joystick, so I wanna ask fellow joystick players about how to improve playing on the flight stick. What are your recomendations? I've pretty much used another person's configuration for the joystick I am currently using and I enjoy it immensely. I really wanna progress in this game, and I would rather not just use the mouse in this game. I feel as if that would defeat the purpose of such a realized flight sim as this.
  7. Have some Alpha footage of Westwood's version of Tiberian Twilight. Tell me if that didn't look awesome for 2001. There are several reasons why Westwood is beloved by fans of the Command and Conquer games, and will often shun EA for not being able to provide a Command and Conquer to reedem themselves. That's not to say that any of the new games are bad, their decent. They fail at trying to advance the series, and therefore are not worthy of the Command and Conquer game. Because every command and conquer sequel ON THEIR TIMELINE (Because Red Alert was mostly just a reskin of the original, just with rebalanced multiplayer. Westwood was ahead of their time. They took a lot of risks with Command and Conquer. in 1995, Command and Conquer Sone Survivor got released, a CnC game where you control only one unit. Westwood released Renegade, a FPS Command and Conquer game (that got rushed hard from EA) Tiberian Dawn was drastically different from Tiberian Sun. Tiberian Sun introduced SO many new elements to the series, such as Subterranian units, a larger and more expansive tech tree, Unit stances, dynamic defensive structures and more. It was supposed to have several features that never got included in the game, including orbital reinforcements, dynamic weather/time cycle and other random events. A third faction known as the Forgotten, which was scrapped and reworked as neutral enemies. Red Alert 2 was made by Westwood Pacific, which is a subsidiary start up from Electronic Arts, I do not recall the specifics, but it was mostly inhabitted by Electronic Arts Developers. The advancement from Tiberian Sun was rather limited. But the game was fun. It was, in fact one of the best Command and Conquers (Which sort of removes, at least for me , the notion that EA cannot release a proper Command and Conquer game) Renegade was flawed, but it worked IMHO. There are several fans of that game. Where else can you play a first person shooter where the structures can be used to build vehicles, upgrade classes and or switch classes. What other game has the objective of COMPLETELY DESTROYING THE BASE. What other game has a set of destroyable AI controlled defenses guarding the base? The closes one to come to mind was Planetside 2. A game that was critically acclaimed, release recently. Command and Conquer Generals was Westwood Pacific. That game was great, although like the rest of the games developed before, and eventually after, through this team (as they held majority of the positions in Electronic Arts Los Angeles) the series didn't really progress. Generals was set on the real world to avoid conflict with the rest of the story, as Westwood Pacific was mostly detached from the main branch,[Citation Needed] and they where having troubles tieing together the rest of the story. (Tiberium Wars/Tiberian Twilight/Tiberian Incursion went through several rewrites.) When Westwood's Tiberian Twilight (later renamed Tiberian Incursion) was under development, the game was supposed to feature dynamic Tiberium map manipulation. You can see the map deterirorate as crystals expand, contract etc. Complete with weather effects that would occur during it. (PS: The Scrin was written in the story by Westwood long before EA developed the plot for Tiberium Wars) In fact, this game was supposed to tie in the universes of Red Alert 2 and Tiberian sun. Yuri is a disciple of Kane, who got thrown out of time through tacitus experiments [Citation] Furthermore, Command and Conquer had a MMO in development! It was highly anticipated by fans, being one of the first MMORPG's to include.. Bnstanced "crisis zones", hubbed flight routes, and scripted boss battlesGDI, Nod, Mutants, CABAL, and Scrin as playable factionsLos Angeles half underwater, Area 51, Dino island, Newark airport, and a mutant city as known areas in the gameFluid and movement-oriented combat, unlike most MMORPGs; range was important for weapons use, and there were layers of counters for the weapon types.Creatures that had many console-game-boss sensibilities, in that you could expose weaknesses and hit them for extra damageA moving and evolving Tiberian world, where players could play a role in the entire storyAnother first person shooter for the series on top of another RTS that was in development during the late 90s, early 2000s Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars was generally a good game. There was some massive tech regression that was never fully fleshed out and a lore that was mostly forgotten, but the gameplay has been reworked to be more balanced. HOWEVER it feels as if a sequel to Tiberian Dawn and not Tiberian Sun with the removal of many features such as Subterranian units., and the lack of new features. In fact, this would explain the tech regression that appears to have happened. The removal of Walker based units for threaded units seems counter intuitive to me, since locomotion through appendages access more areas than any other means. The expansion pack answered quite a few of these concerns, but not comprehensive enough. Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 is more like the last game. I was personally excited for it, but again i found my self massively disapointed like the last game. The tech regression was written into the story line, the blatant promotion of sex appeal when casting the game and the lack of fun units. YOU KNOW THE LACK OF FUN UNITS KILLED THIS GAME FOR ME. Red Alert 2 started a standard for the RA series to have hilarious units that just worked and was balanced. Concepts like Mirage Tanks, Chrono legionaires. Again, features have been removed, no longer are you able to steal technology from a tech center and augment it to your arsenal. A blatant lack of mind control and a over emphasis on Naval Combat (Which was already a great strategy in Red Alert 2) Replacing Boris with Natasha was infuriating on my part. The standalone expansion pack was... Wat. Command and Conquer had a very good multiplayer, period. It could be competitive and it could not be. So a epxansion pack full of epicly hilarious units would have worked! It's not a game you could do matchmaking for, probably but still. It would have been nice. No Command and Conquer game was crippled by this. Electronic Art's work with Command and Conquer 4, Tiberian Twilight was medicore. The story was disapointing, and mostly unmemorable. The gameplay was solid in some parts, but the tech progression leaves absoultely no protection for new players. Tier 3 and 4 units are exceddingly better than any tier 1-2 units which means that the elite of the player base, with their experience advantage has a natural innate advantage with units. The small unit cap prevents any sort of unit mixxing, as mixing units will most likely weaken your overall combat potential and the lack of a resource that limits unit production and a mobile base means that there is little incentive to unit perservation. This means that the only strategy for that game is to spam whatever unit can deal the most damage accross the board, or whatever unit counters the most prevalent unit in the game. On a hilarious sidenote, Petrologlyph's latest RTS, End of Nations, currently suffers the same problems whilst being a RTS where the units are spawned with no base building. Figure that one out. (although that game is still in beta and has probably been retweaked since i've last played it, 1 year ago) To me the difference between a good video game developer, and a great video game developer lies in how much they risk for innovation. It's when they experiment with new concepts, and if you can't work it properly then try your best to work the mechanics. Rinse, repeat until you have a masterpiece. Until you spawn a new genre. Sources : (Note: For Clarification : Petrologlyph was formed by founders of Westwood shortly after the merger between Westwood and Westwood Pacific into Electronic Arts Los Angeles. Ishmeal was one of the lead developers of Command and Conquer) http://www.petroglyphgames.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2821-to-petro-dev-team/page__st__20#entry44021 http://www.petroglyphgames.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6182-some-questions-about-ccww/#entry93353 http://www.petroglyphgames.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2821-to-petro-dev-team/#entry43862 http://www.petroglyphgames.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4757-was-this-the-supposedly-westwoods-cciii-logo/page__st__20#entry69747 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Command_%26_Conquer And a lot of other sources that I recall from reading Petrologlpy cira 2008-2010. (This was written in 2:33 AM. Can't be bothered to dig more than what I already have)
  8. Would you give me one to give to a friend?
  9. Tiberium in canon is actually incorrect in the context of the name of third game. Tiberian refers to objects or living things that have been affected by Tiberuim. The full name of Command and Conquer 1 was Command and Conquer : Tiberian Dawn. Henceforth CnC4 is Tiberian Twilight, which is a reference to the last Command and Conquer game created by the original Westwood development team codenamed "Tiberian Twilight". Tiberian Sun was amazing. It was incomplete though, several features where never implemented but that didn't matter. Tiberian Sun had the better plot, storyline and overall unit design. Subterranian units that could dig underground to attack a base that's been reinforced for normal attacks, Epic untis before epic units where a thing and just the massive variety of units in the game. Multiplayer was a mess, and it was often hard to find counters to specific units but that was ok for me. Tiberiuim Wars had a more balanced multiplayer scene, with it's own special art style and design direction. It's good, but it's not Westwood good(by that i mean they didn't experiment with the gameplay like Westwood did with Tiberian Sun) (As a "super nerd" for the series, i was absolutely mad when EA released Tiberium Wars with the word "Tiberium")
  10. UPDATE : Angry Joe recently released a video of his journey to PDXCon 14
  11. Magicka Wizard Wars Magicka: Wizard Wars is a fast paced action PvP game that utilizes the humor and dynamic spellcasting system of Magicka, tasking players to form teams of four and blaze their way across the battlefield together, combining elements to cast hundreds of different spells to generate a broad variety of offensive and defensive effects. Each player can design a persistent and personalized wizard with hundreds of unique items and guide them to glory. Wizard Wars is a Fun-to-Play Team-based PvP experience, filled with tongue-in-cheek references to popular media and current events. With short rounds and unpredictable strategies, Wizard Wars gives both novice players and experienced MOBA veterans a unique tactical depth in every encounter. - From Paradox Official Website Note: Owners of Mount and Blade received alpha keys for Magicka Wizard Wars. It's binded on your steam account right now. The game will release as Free To Play, but currently 12.95 on steam for Early Access which includes some snazzy robes and useful weapons. I recently got accepted into the early access alpha, and I am loving this game. Currently, it only has a game mode similar to Dominion from League of Legends, but Duel (1v1 with a party of 4, tournament elimination bracket style) was announced recently and I'm excited about it. Veterans from the original Magicka will see some massive improvements, and some major tweaks, from the original game. The engine doesn't look dated, having some incredibly satisfying effects. Bugs and crashes exist still (It's not Magicka without it.) but in early alpha it's excusable(unlike the original). Gameplay wise, the spell system has been minimized and streamlined for ease of access and just balancing in general. You may only combine three elements instead of five (getting rid of a lot of over powered spell combinations in the first Magicka game [ I'm looking at you QR E A S A.] but balancing it) and Magicks or advanced spells use a system akin to the Hyper Combo System from MvC. Where a bar will continuously fill up, and depending on it's level you can cast Magicks corresponding to the spell through hotkeys 1-4. They removed the normal air blast spell and replaced it with the sword attack (whilst disappointingly removing the sword enchantment feature) as well as made self cast and aoe cast one thing[which means certain armor and wards or wall combinations no longer work and/or apply.]. And finally, you can move while channeling spells and norma shields can no longer be charged and/or channeled. For the uninitiated, Magicka has a revolutionary gameplay system of combining elements on the fly to create spells that you need. A fire boulder can be casted by pressing QQF then channeling it by holding down the right click to increase it's power and potency. The elements you selct become the focal point of the gameplay. It's all about knowing when to use certain spells and when to avoid cetrain elements. Each element has a natural opposite, Fire beats frost and Ice but not water, Water beats fire and amplifies lightning but is useless against rock (Exception of inducing a burn status effect on a rock armored wizard) There are currently 8 elements and 2 advance or composite elements Q - Water W - Life(Healing) E - Shield (or Wall) R - Cold (or frost, not to be confused with Ice) A - Lightning S - Arcane (or Beam) D - Rock F - Fire Composite Elements QF - Steam (used to create the highest DPS beam in the first Magicka game, retains a impresssive DPS in this game) QR - Ice (Commonly used or refereed to as a shotgun, machine gun type spell that fires a volley of ice shards at the opponent) *Note : For Magicka vets, Ice and Steam no longer combine as one element in the bar. Reducing overall spells you can create with them. Media If you have this game, Feel free to add me. Just click on the Steam profile signature I have below.
  12. Last member found. Feel free to add us though, more players to feed play with is good. http://steamcommunity.com/id/mantarias You can use my signature on the bottom to add me EDIT: BecaUSe of my time zone difference, I will most likely be a regular stand In or we might require another support to stand in. Feel Free to go.
  13. Yep. I got the Aether Wings for christmas, I was happy that night. But yes, the Shitty Wizard courrier is only available through the Micro Plush set. (Although you can probably purchase it online for a amicably ridiculous price tag. In keys, most probably.)
  14. Well, watching Joe stream has inspired me to draft a basic guide to Doto 2 (With some collaboration with some AJSA Guild members). If Joe or Delrith is reading this, I do request that Joe be taught how to use the built in, In Game Guide system that takes a popular community build and integrates it with the HUD. There, now Delrith can focus on playing his gema while Joe can focus on learning the mechanics, before the hero, first. About Game Mechanics Here's my favorite guides in existence. it's a comprehensive guide to Dota 2 Mechanics, very detailed and pretty pictures to back it up. Easy to understand language, too. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=123364976