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  1. I'm pretty late but to me this seems like a tempeture problem I would check your CPU temp if it gets too hot it will throttle and you'll loose performance
  2. You can add me, I'm down to play most of the time but I'm not a try hard lol so don't expect me to be to competitive or anything
  3. Ah i see well then that explains the Neo but from the microsoft vid of the Scorpio it seems like it might like the new 3DS where the new console might have some games that take advantage of the extra power but most wont, guess we'll find out when we get more details
  4. So i'm a bit confused i don't get whats the point of theses consoles now granted i haven't read much about them, being that i mainly play on PC now but I don't get what the point is because i'm guessing the devs still have to make their games run on the older version of the console seeing as their are still technically the same console programming wise or will these new consoles already make the current ones obsolete? Or will these consoles just upscale the resolution of games to 4k if you dont have a 4k screen and help with VR? To me this is just one huge clusterfuck, i have no idea why both companies went in this direction lol.
  5. Well If you want a game with a career mode like that i would say check out project cars its something very similar to what you described.
  6. Man i cringed so hard when they had another character describe how the protagonist is, what is this fan fiction? And she looks like an edgy teenager, well at least the action scenes look cool.
  7. Sent you a request a but since its private i don't know if we have that many games in common other than L4D2 lol also i have Guild Wars 2 but i'm a complete noob on it and only play it once in a while.
  8. I shall recommend Natural Selection 2
  9. Dammit i missed it! lol
  10. Holy crap someone needs to clean their room lol
  11. Can't say i like the some of the debuffs
  12. well I mainly went with the 6600k because the 4960k is only 20S cheaper and with the 6600k if i want to later on buy DDR4 RAM when its cheaper than i have that option and only need to buy a new motherboard, but maybe that's dumb? Lol now im starting to double take my build.
  13. Well that's good to know i also read that you keep the upgrade even if you change motherboards as long as the OS wasn't OEM but i could be wrong.