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  1. I think its important for designers to be aware of the capabilities which come with whatever scripting languages are being used. So, a knowledge of things like java could and should really help. Plus its always a nice thing to include on the CV.
  2. So, I'm planted firmly here at my desk, hunched over and feeling slightly decrepit. I say to myself: "I think I'll write a review! Now what should I review? Mayhaps GTA, mayhaps not... No, I think i'll write a hateful review, one which caresses and caters to my inner 12 year old's brattishness". And then it hit me, or rather it had hit me prior. Yesterday my big brother finished playing 'Call of Duty' Ghosts. He ended up so infuriated at the game that he took it out of the XBOX, put it in its case, and then proceeded to throw it at me. Sitting down, exhausted, he began to lament over the game's torturous qualities. So I played it for a bit this morning, I briefly played each mode; checking out every noticeable nook and cranny before casting it aside out of boredom. I'll praise the game now, before diving into the horrors. It may not be a good game, but by God is it a good paper-weight. Let's begin with Multiplayer. Its very much a refined version of MW3, the gameplay seemed well polished enough. Except for one problem, the spawning system. If I had a nickle or a dollar, or a pound or a yen for every time I've been spawn killed, I'd have enough money to pay for a much needed psychiatrist. This game will drive you mad! I can't even provide you with an entertaining example of spawn killing! It's over too damn fast, often unpleasant and occasionally a bit scary. If the game really hates you it'll spawn you directly in front of the person that just killed you. DOUBLE KILL! The other notable thing is the new motion mechanics. The lifting of one's body is usually inaccurate, though what really grinds my gears is the introduction into "leaning" and "sliding". The two are NEVER used, by anyone except me. Personally, they enthrall me, and so I lean and slide alone. "The Lone Leaner" they call me. In all seriousness, no one slides and even fewer lean. So if Infinity Ward thought they were mixing up gameplay, they were sadly mistaken. CONCLUSION: Multiplayer packs more chloroform than a hospital. Okayyy... Moving on! What's this I hear about a new Alien Horde mode? It's the watered down, mall-nourished satanic offspring of "Zombies"? Hell yeah it is! Ready for tasteless, and incredibly linear progression!? Classes which don't really add anything to the game? Oh! Not to mention the incredible lack of variation in the NPC department! No bosses? Really? No bosses? The only variation we get is the exploding alien-creeper babies, and the scorpions. It has been said by Infinity Ward that this mode leaves the Call of Duty universe behind, please, let me know when it arrives at its new destination; because quite frankly, I don't count copy and pasted weaponry as a departure. Nor, the character models. The entire thing just feels lazy and under cooked! There's very little dynamism to it. Extinction gets a 2/10 for me. This is from an objective stand point, I had to go outside and watch the grass grow, just to get some excitement back into my life! Squads! Not bad, very little to be said. It's an interesting and reasonably well executed feature/mechanic. I enjoy personalizing my own squad. Though I think they went about it the wrong way. You have to buy your squad, and this takes a bit longer than I would have liked. Why not have a default number of squad members to start with, and THEN as you progress, swap them or trade them for better versions. Instead, the whole feature kinda felt like a bit of a waste of time to me. Finally, the best part. The campaign! Or Cam-Pagn as I childishly call it. This is for me, one of the best campaigns. It was all going so well, shit was happening left right and center, the missions were more diverse than the predecessors, and the whole thing had a smoother edge. *SPOILER ALERT*. Then, they ruined it. So, the bad guy: Rourke, has just been shot, drowned and had a hail of rubble and explosive launched up his anus. Yet for no other reason, other than to milk/malk/molk sequels out of it, he lives. And is in better shape than either you or your brother, who managed to avoid the bullet, the rubble and explosive, your anus remains thus far, unpenetrated. Shit, quite frankly, he deserves to win. Dude's tough. Overall, CoD Ghosts gets a 4.5/10. As usual, creativity is stifled and sequels are inbound... The not quite so legendary saga continues... This review is kind of short, I tried to reduce the eloquence in it, so post helpful feedback. Do I need to tone down my style? Add more? Let me know.
  3. We here all love playing games, I'm sure. But I want to know:(because I'm genuinely interested) Who here wants to get into game development, or indeed has already begun developing/creating their own game? And what area of development are you most interested in, if your answer was "Yes"? If you haven't but would like to, I'd suggest researching: -Game Engines (Unity, Cry, UDK) -Modelling Software (Maya, Blender, Max) -Scripting (Books, Youtube, Src Code)
  4. Hi. Dis is Octo Doc. I like gaming, but i'm more interested in how games are made... Really enjoy some of AJ's reviews, so I thought i'd sign up to his new website.