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  1. IGN: Jellal Elbridget
  2. invite please IGN: SatellizerVII
  3. IGN: KurumiTokisaki25 Invite please
  4. I'm been playing GTA for few mouths and things get very boring online i been waiting for Heists for a while and we still get noting beside DLC to add new cars and guns THAT IT i get really mad when they do that GIVE ME HEISTS NOW!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I play GTA V a lot add me at XGN RiasGremory on XBOX
  6. Hey guys i been here for some few mouths but i never made a Introduce Yourself topic so i can say is Hello guys im RiasGremory i play game on PS3,XBOX 360 and PC and if you want to add me go on my profile to see my gamertag. I playing Call Of Duty, Need For Speed, Battlefield 4,Assassin's Ceed,and others on pc. I like anime and music. Im glad am here to have fun with others i hope to see you guess on the battlefield
  7. Hello everyone my name is kirito2025 it nice to meet you for dose who are reading this. One thing i want to say is thank to Angry Joe for making a Bad Ass group for us to join making new friends and just having a good time playing games where it PC, PS3, PS4, and on Xbox. I join because i wanted to make friends and play games with the friends i make here for now im on Xbox 360 and PC soon ill be on PS4. The Games i like are FPS, Racing, MMO in my time. In real life im 18 years old i love Cars, Music, Anime, and Video games. So if any one want to be my friend add anytime and on Steam and xbox. Thanks for your time to read this maybe someday will play some games online have a great and Happy Gaming everyone ill see u in the Gaming world. Allons-y