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  1. I'm pretty sure, mine is a generic headset, Logitech.
  2. Love me some SSDs
  3. I personally just got a 3.5mm jack headset. I can't say for sure that USB is usable on PS4, but it might be.
  4. I really enjoy BF4 on PS4, but if your PC can run it, I'd suggest getting that version. Need for Speed Rivals is Helluva lot of fun. Some more Free to Play games are coming, such as Planetside 2 and War Thunder, both are massive wargames. Besides that, there is Call of Duty: Ghosts. If I can I'll come up with more.
  5. Use the test range to set up your loadouts, it transfers to actual matches I would suggest making each gun in a loadout sort of specialized per situation, that way you have "sub-classes" inside of your loadouts. I.E. use the Famas as a fast firing close quarters weapon when playing assault, but notice you have to switch playstyles to mid-range, so you pick up the Sar21. You can add attachments to best suit the guns abilities.
  6. Another poke at the Massachusetts area, keep the updates coming, if you would!
  7. I fricken liebe Deutsch! German is definitely my favorite language, as well as place ( I am probably more prideful in Germany than most Germans ). I listen to a lot of foreign music, German being my favorite. I am currently learning it and trying my best to become fluent. Japanese is really beautiful as well, but I have no idea how the syntax even works. Russian is nice, as is Swedish and French. I am really only fluent in English, but I could survive in France or Germany (or most of the countries inbetween!)
  8. I agree. Half-life was successful, so others took some queues from it (not a bad thing to do at all, innovating past advancements is a major positive for gamerkind). So today it's not as special, because so many games have used its techniques. It was originally very innovative.
  9. Oh gosh, Fallout 3 was my most favoritest game evars. I played the living Hell out of it (500 + hours). If this is real ( which I pray it is, that vault-tec symbol bodes well), then my soul will forever be lost amidst the amazingness that is Bethesda's Fallout (not dissing Interplay's, those are amazing in their own respect!)
  10. I plan on getting an Xbox One sometime after a price drop, the main reason I got a PS4 so early was because it was so much cheaper. Both consoles are nice and have their owns strengths, and I love the X1's snap feature! I look forward to getting it, whether it be in a year or 3 years!
  11. It's all based on personal preference. I prefer PC myself, but I always buy (or mooch off of my brothers) consoles to play the exclusives. Splitscreen is also a plus. The Xbox One and PS4 Are very similar, and a PC is... well... a PC. figure out what you want from a console and ask from there.
  12. My 10 year old brother loves Knack to death. It is also pretty difficult on the higher difficulties. Don't expect an amazing story, and voice acting is a little lacking. The story is so-so. Plenty of time to put into it, special secrets that provide you with abilities. Pretty replayable. I'd get it if your sibling is under 14, and even if not I might get it anyway. Combat uses only one button, but its fluid and the game is not frustrating in the least. Each encounter you have to strategise what to eliminate first to actively move forward. Co-op is so-so, but its fun enough just to mess around with. Don't burn your money on it, but get it if you have some spare cash and nothing better to get.
  13. Who knows what the price jump is about. It could be completely fair for all I know, but it could also be a rip-off. Maybe they have local servers from which to download from and it costs more money to run them?
  14. Really, Really looking forward to Watch Dogs. It is just... wow.
  15. Wow, I heard something about PS4s being constrained in production, not exactly sure what it means, my best guess is that they're playing with supply/demand for increased profits. I was the luckiest sonuvabitch on release day, live in the middle of a corn field so I got the last PS4 at my local Gamestop. I felt a little bad for the ten year old who came in after us, but I've loved the machine ever since I got it. Wonderful piece of equipment. Also, Sabaton FTW.