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    Al R Ket 2686

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    New Brunswick, Canada
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    console and PC gaming, movies, cartoons wide range
  1. I'm on the beta
  2. AlKet-287 is my name on PSN, I still am getting it for the PS3.
  3. Well I got my hands on this game on PS3, I found that it is worth the buy because of the foot combat and the hacking mechanic. Vehicle chases on the hand are somewhat week because your limited to hacking and bashing into the car. No online decryption in last gens so one less online mode. The story is not terrible, but it's not over the top either. And shooting a criminal in the leg during a foot chase is useless. The automatic fail stealth missions could have been removed and replaced with a better option other than automatic fail on detection. I have to say options you have in combat and the hacking mechanic is best part of the game. I feel it's an 8/10 for me.
  4. Oh yes I am I can wait until September for this game to come out. Customization, gear looting, four man fire teams, in a sci fi setting, and its from a dame good studio I have high hopes on this one.
  5. Really looking forward to Destiny, I can't wait to dive into that massive under taking Bungie is doing, and finding as many ways to take down those alien buggers, and the customization hopefully is up to par. The only concern I have is the game turns into another Defiance. I hated that game for it's dull and repetitive gameplay. But since it is Bungie running the development I have high hopes.
  6. I got to go with the following: Rage- extremely anti climatic BioShock 1 and Infinite- I didn't enjoy either one of the endings Sorry I got put Mass Effect 3 on here because of the overwhelming disappointment I felt after I beat it. Army of Two the 40th day - It wasn't a great ending to a good shooter. Killzone 3 - Not impressed with the ending overall
  7. Every time I see footage of this game, I want to play it. Since it is from Bungie I have high hopes that it will pull it off and I can't wait for this one come out.
  8. I hope Bioware does do this.
  9. Worst game ever for me was Home Front I ditched it after I bought it, the campaign sucked I couldn't even replay the dame thing after I beat it, same with terminator salvation. After seeing Joe's review on Ride to Hell, that game should have never been made and thrown in to hell. Worst console I ever owned was a pre-owned original play station not one game played on it. But out of that list I got to go with the Virtual Boy.
  10. Talk about a hard poll, Ended up choosing Shepard, but Ezio, Drake, Laura Croft, John 117, and the Batman I grew up with; all my personal favorites, but Shepard couldn't put him or her below those ones. Plus Shepard was a win for the Canadian Video Game Industry.
  11. I constantly replay allot of games in my library. Skyrim, Jade Empire, Mass Effect, the first two batman games from Rocksteady, GTA 4 and 5, the uncharted series, and my personal favourite of 2013 the last of us are the ones I replay the most.
  12. Well I have to say I support the project; because goggle stands to lose more with this system the way it is. The new content ID system is a hindrance to the community as well as the industry.
  13. I think that is a little extreme because most of us swear when we get frustrated with games, best route is being able to mute the other persons mic so you can't hear them in game.
  14. Youtube is hindering the gaming industry as well as the community plan and simple with this system. Game review shows like Joe's help boost profits for publishers and developers. Even if it's a review on a bad game it's still publicity for a company. Consumers like me use review shows to influence purchase decisions on games. Youtubes' system needs to be fixed and reformed so it doesn't hurt legitimate review producers like Joe, closing off a promotion avenue for the industry, as well as protection against piracy. Google stands to lose more with this system if it is not fixed.
  15. The Command and Conquer series enter graded me into RTS games. Kane is still one of the best live action characters in a video game. All though the last installment to the tiberian series was a miss for me. The starcraft series is my other favorite, a great Sci-fi RTS and the only grip I had with the first one was the limitations on group control where you could only control a group of ten units at time with the mouse. So happy that Starcraft 2 did away with that.