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  1. ICO - PS2 - 10 Hours Another classic I missed out on when it came out. Totally get why it's revered as it is now that I've played it. It's easy to see why people look forward to Team Ico's games when this is their first outing. The puzzles in this were straight forward. What I had trouble with is finding out where to go next usually. There were also the rare parts where I didn't know a certain mechanic was in the game too. The whole thing's pretty much an escort mission, but it doesn't get as aggravating as some of those kinds of missions in other games. Gotta love the tension of having to go and get Yorda out of the shadow hole the enemies are dragging her into, and I've gotten into some close calls for that. I also liked the final confrontation with that boss too. During the stream, one of my younger viewers was saying how he didn't like there was no music in a lot of the game, compared to something like Zelda. Explained to him that this game was being atmospheric, and that not all games needed music going on 100% of the time. The after credits scene made me go "Wuuuut?? How?" though. Sure that's a nice way to end it, but it raised some questions in my head.
  2. Vanquish - PC - 5 Hours Never touched this on the PS3, really happy to play it on the PC. Though this is the first time I played it, I've seen videos of this from various sources. Gotta love the fast speed in this, with all the sliding and slow-mo. I don't think I noticed the higher framerate while playing, but my viewers on Twitch can confirm that things were going at 60FPS, when I asked. I first tried it with the Keyboard and Mouse, but eventually went on to the Controller since I couldn't do the QTE's properly without it. This thing is Platinum Games through and through with all the crazy awesomeness going on in the screen and awesome boss fights. Some of which kicked my ass a lot. The designs of the bosses were real fun to look at too. There's a bunch of weapons, but I found myself sticking to just a few. I really wasn't expecting it to be only Five Acts.
  3. Gravity Rush 2 - Playstation 4 (Lost track how long it took) Youtube Playlist: Really enjoyed the game, definitely had more fun with this over the first one. Though there are a ton of "WTF!!" moments which I totally didn't expect in the main story. The gameplay is more of the first, with the addition of switching between normal, Lunar and Jupiter style. Pretty creative, and the names of the styles make a lot of sense too. I would've liked to have more variety on the Nevi enemies, since they're pretty much the same as the first game. Also wouldn't have minded having less human type enemies to fight too. Also wasn't that fond of having a picture and asking NPC's help to find a specific place or person. Besides travelling from place to place, that's the stuff I cut out the most, before I just streamed the last parts of it. As much as I liked the main game, I liked the DLC, The Ark of Time - Raven's Choice, even more. The story of it hit me real good by the end. Also love how different Raven plays from Kat too. It was short, but damn if it wasn't a great story. It takes place between the end of the first game and before the second game starts too. It explains why neither Kat or Raven knows characters or why some characters didn't make an appearance too. Gotta be honest too, back when they first announced this, I thought there was gonna be co-op where one player will be Kat and the other will be Raven. But having played this, I'm pretty cool with the final product. I'm still not so sure about the whole Dusty Tokens thing though. Sure, there's no problem obtaining them with the game still sort of new and fresh. But what happens years from now when there's very few people playing this? Needing other people in order to get the Dusty Tokens, whether it be from finding treasure from clues you leave or rating your pictures may be problematic as time goes by. I don't know if the developers planned for that or anything. Really happy about this game and how this turned out, despite the parts that I didn't enjoy as much.
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Nintendo 64 Man, did I miss out on this back when it came out. But I'm also lucky that I played this in the age of the Internet. It's the first ever Legend of Zelda game that I finished, and again, I'm very happy to have streamed this. Not only because I could have the chat to help me, but also to have fans of the series share my journey through this classic. I made sure the chat knew to let me figure stuff out first and if I get stuck, I'll ask for help. I can tell that if I played this way back when it came out, I would most likely not have finished it. I was asked time and again during each stream what it was that I liked the most about this game, and my answer's been the same, the music. The Ocarina tunes and the complete themes just sound great. I also like how bosses aren't defeated just by hitting it enough times. The twin witches boss fight was awesome, when it finally clicked what I had to do. I think the graphics still hold up real well, though I guess the emulator helped on that end too. One thing that I did struggle with is the aiming of the various tools. I couldn't get the deadzone right no matter how I changed the configuration, even with Steam's Dualshock 4 integration configuration. Despite that, I still had a blast with the game, and knowing the twist identity didn't diminish the entire experience of the game.
  5. Bayonetta - PC - 13 Hours I finished it before on the PS3, but when it came out on Steam I just had to play it too. So I put it in my wishlist. About a week after it came out, I wake up to see a Discord message from a Youtuber / Streamer friend asking how up-to-date my Steam wishlist was, he then gifted it to me right in time for me to do a Meat After Dark stream that night. I do notice the framerate change quite a bit compared to the PS3 version. Though I don't know whether to attribute me playing it better on the PC to the higher framerate or because I've played it before and knew what to do. I still died a lot, but not as much compared to the PS3 version. I'm really happy that Sega's starting to port their Platinum Games stuff on to Steam. Also really happy about the port too. If there's anything I'm disappointed with, it's the resolution on the Dance cutscene you get for finishing the game. But that doesn't really matter, the game still looked awesome, love having the option for Japanese voice overs and having options for UI positions too. Really looking forward to Vanquish seeing how well this one went.
  6. Did we just get Postapocalyptic Anime Souls?
  7. As someone who finished this on normal difficulty, I agree with the whole Trial and Error part of it. But I maintain the thought that it's how the developers try to keep the sense of panic in the player. I also agree that the whole chasing mechanic does get old. Heck, even with Outlast 1 and Whistleblower, you could tell when and where there's going to be a chase sequence. It's always: Trigger event, run for your life and hope you know where you're supposed to go. If not, die and figure it out again. Heck, on my first stream of this, I died a few times the first time we're introduced to that pickaxe chick Marta, all because I had no idea I was supposed to crawl under something. Luckily, I didn't get any instances of the AI staring straight at me, but not being able to see me. And if what we see in this video is how the AI acts on hard, I'm really curious how they'd be on insane, which is what another Youtuber friend of mine is doing for his playthrough. As for the story, yeah, I have still no idea what the deal is with one character, but I sorta understand what the motive is for one of them. Although I see what the devs wanted to do with jumping between the rural cult town to the empty school, it sorta made the narrative for one of them confusing. I still don't really understand how one related to the other. The story they're telling for the school is more straightforward than the cults though, for me at least. Not really sure what sort of DLC they'd do to continue this. Yeah, the ending wasn't great, but it seemed pretty conclusive for me. I will say though, seeing another streamer finish this last night, there was a small detail in the endings we got that was different from each other. I really wonder what triggered that difference.
  8. Outlast 2 - PC - about 9 hours Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpN0BrphVX0C2gPrXaB_C1IaPMMGNDHuW There were some mechanics I thought I'd like about this, like the whole keeping the camera on a scene to record it. I thought it wouldn't disrupt from the gameplay too much. And I totally understand having it be part of the gameplay, but having to record something while being chased around wasn't my cup of tea. I liked how the notes you got just get added by looking at a scene with the camera in the first game, and the notes added to the overall feel and gave insight to the game too. In this, it still added some insight to what Blake Langgerman's thinking, but because of the way they did it, it's way easier to miss stuff. I did however like having to look at your pockets to see your battery and bandage supplies. Even thought that that it should've been the only way to reload and apply bandages, by manually looking at your pockets and doing it from there. As for the story, I thought I got a grasp of all of it, and even theorized that it had something to do with Murkoff (company from the first game and Whislteblower) and their Morphogenic Engine. But by the end of it, I think I only understand what Knoth was trying to do, and don't completely understand the Heretic's motivations. The flashback segments are pretty cool, though I don't completely understand how it fits into the whole cult story either. Plus going back from it and the current events of the game sorta make me ask things like "How'd she end up there?" at the end of the game. I know what they were trying to do in a narrative sense, but in the end, the cuts sorta made it confusing. One second you're being assaulted by someone, next thing you're running and I'm wondering how a certain character got where they were, that sorta thing. The atmosphere is definitely top notch in this, and having it set in a mostly outdoor environment adds to what they want to do. The character designs are also pretty good. Love the variety of places to hide too, like water troughs, barrels, tree stumps and so on. I wasn't really planning on finishing the game on stream last night, but one of my viewers said that I only had an hour and a half to go when I asked at the 3 hour mark (6 hours if you add the previous night's stream) and ended up playing for 3 hours more haha. Anyway, wasn't disappointed with this at all.
  9. Then new permanent PvE event with him I hope.
  10. Outlast - PC - 5 hours To get ready for Outlast 2, decided to stream Outlast. Can't tell if I feel cheated that I'm playing it this far from its release, when I've seen a few people, Joe included play through this. None the less, it was also for those watching my stream who haven't seen this all the way through or at all. Will be doing Whistleblower for the next stream, and then 2 after that. Outlast Whistleblower - PC - 3 hours Same as vanilla Outlast, I've seen others (such as Joe) play through this before. But some om my viewers haven't seen it yet, and I guess it was a good way to get ready for Outlast 2 tomorrow.
  11. Yeah, I don't see how he's the latter. I even thought at first that he commissioned this PC, but after watching the video before going to bed last night, Jay even says that this is a gift from the PC Gaming community to him, which I'd say is pretty cool. And yeah, that thing looks freakin' sweet.
  12. DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark (PC - 7 Hrs 47 Mins) Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpN0BrphVX0BYLo_kulFFpNFQ7thMFhrd Ok, again, I'm not really Horror guy, but I joined this and the main game very much. The ghost and monster designs in the main game were better, though I love that Serpent Mistress design from this. Although this expansion (since it takes place before the end of the main game), is supposed to have new horrors to deal with, I feel like one in particular was from the main game, specifically the blind one. I feel like the item placements for the area he was in is the same as the main game too. As mentioned earlier, this takes place before the end of the main game, when Linda was pulled into the mirror. Though I'm not entirely sure I understand what was being said in the ending of this and how it connects to the end of the main game. So gonna put my my thoughts on it in a spoiler tag where I will describe, to the best of my memory, the ending of the game: I haven't read the comic for this, though I do have it. I'm not sure where that takes place in all this, or if it answers any of the stuff I ask in that spoiler tag. As someone who isn't into horror, I'm very happy to have played this, and that I did it during a live stream, with a Webcam. --- Unrelated to the game, still not a fan of how the Spoiler Tag works now. I used the closing [/ spoiler], and what I typed after that was still included inside it. I edit the post, and I cut the part that's not supposed to be there, and I can't and a light outside and under the spoiler box.
  13. Right, right, also never really saw this as any sort of competition. Just thought I'd add this too since I think last year mobile games were counted too. --- Sniper Elite V2 (PC - 12 Hours) Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpN0BrphVX0Cs62VszcSQnVGLLwXphJyT I remember trying out the Demo of this when it came out years ago and liking it enough. Think I bought it that year, and only played it now. I love that at the Marksman Difficulty, it gives the player a marker for the bullet drop compensation when releasing breath. But of course, the feature I really like in this is the X-Ray kills. I dedicated every nut shot that I got to the stream audience. It's also pretty awesome that you can shoot grenades off of enemies' belts to have them explode. I even got the Kill Hitler DLC, and tried to get him with a nutshot. Unfortunately, the Fuhrer can friggin run, and I always just get his leg, or his stomach.
  14. Until Dawn (PS4 - 9 hrs 40 mins) What started as a stream planned to end at 6AM, ended as a full playthrough going 40 minutes past that, and I regret nothing. Despite already watching full let's plays of this game by the Super Best Friends and some of Joe's stream, I forgot some of the stuff already. I also got the audience involved by having them help decide choices that have no time limits, and even voting on whether to attempt to keep everyone alive or not (they voted for everyone to live). Had one hard crash during the stream, but it let me redo a decision that saved the audience favorite character, Wolf who was named SinsWolf by the audience. As far as the scares, only one of them got me, that being the wolverine early in the game. This stream was a blast to do
  15. The Order : 1886 (PS4 - About 8 hours) Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpN0BrphVX0BlqCDNfModbX-JC9jebXzc Such wasted potential in this game. What Joe said in his review was true, but I didn't mind the Armored enemies and the shotgunners as much as he did. I could sorta see how they could make a sequel, and even say it at the end of the third stream. Too bad it's most likely not gonna get one.