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Everything posted by Legolas_Katarn

  1. I'd go with ARMA 3, followed by XCom, followed by Battlfield. I don't really know what kind of games you prefer though. A tactical shooter with large maps, more realism, and a focus on community content, a strategy game, or a more action based FPS.
  2. I'm not sure what you mean D&D/Pathfinder certainly don't have that many stats. 3.5 and Patfinder have a lot of feats, they have a lot of spells but stats are very easy to understand. You also do get bonuses to hit and do well with weapons as you get stronger or better items. Rolling badly or low doesn't mean your character is incompetent and is just stumbling around it would also take into account your skill, an enemy trying to parry/block/dodge, environmental hazards, getting your weapon through armor/scales/hide/etc. As you level up you get large bonuses to your trained skills as well so those should never just rely on luck either. I'm not really sure why you would radically alter the D&D system anyway, there are a lot of other systems out there to use. Star Wars Edge of the Empire, Game of Thrones, and Burning Wheel are all games that handle your abilities in a different way if you just didn't want to play a roll D20 game. Numenera you still roll a D20 but all rolls and skills are very simple to understand or to create a difficulty for in that game.
  3. Only played the demo but it seemed like a fun game
  4. I like the idea. One site that you can earn or buy (through points gotten for community contributions) is the sites boardgamegeek (and rpg and video game geek) http://www.boardgamegeek.com/user/Legolas_Katarn All the microbadges I have can be seen by scrolling down a little. Some can be from participating in an event or a contest, going to something, contributing things to the community, making posts and thread, writing reviews, etc. Then that site just has a lot of other ones you can spend points on you get from helping the site. Had
  5. It's a great game, all the guns are very satisfying to use.
  6. I own them all but have not played them yet
  7. Vanquish, Binary Domain, Deadly Premonition, the Ys games, Radiant Historia, Muramasa, Nine Persons Nine Hours Nine Doors (unless that is the wrong combination), Trauma Team, Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together, Valkyria Chronicles, Catherine, Tales of Vesperia.
  8. Some kind of combination of Crusader Kings 2, Jagged Alliance 2, King Arthur The Roleplaying Wargame, and Ogre Battles probably comes the closest. I'd really like something where I can run a country, ship, unit, army, fleet, etc while dealing with and recuting different officers, soldiers, and commanders and assigning them to different tasks, with their skills and personalities influencing the things they do. A tactical game with some elements of randomness and where I can build the talents and loyalty of my followers through quests, actions, and conversation options. Perma death would also be in the game.
  9. I thought the new game was an uninteresting version of Uncharted and that it did a very poor job with Lara's character. It didn't do a good job setting up her backstory, in game actions and dialogue didn't fit at all with cutscene dialogue and actions, and going from the cutscenes the end just seemed to come out of nowhere with her just continuing to travel around for some reason. Of course we needed that two pistol firing at the end and taunting while mowing down dozens of enemies because we have to pay homage of the old crazy Lara.
  10. Never collected any and would rather play Fantasy if I did but from what I've seen and know of 40K I would want to use Imperial Guard or Eldar
  11. "You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day" ...Shame
  12. I was never a fan of resource gathering or base building so I prefer games like Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40K Dawn of War 2, and World in Conflict. I did enjoy a lot of the custom stuff people made for Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds though.
  13. I've had everything the last two generations, for this one I will probably only get a PS4.
  14. I'll get a PS4 eventually but see no reason to get anything right away.
  15. I didn't like it that much until I got to the snow sections and the last few levels. I played on hard in hopes of the game playing like that but I still always had tons of supplies, enough ammo, and never struggled in a fight. If anything because I always save items because I think I might need them later I made the game a lot more difficult for myself and still thought it had very poor survival elements. I was hoping for something closer to I Am Alive.
  16. I played Persona 2 for the Playstation and loved the series since then. I enjoy anything that is part of the SMT series. Am even using this as a banner at some other sites
  17. Each of those would need someone to own a completely different core book though for setting, class information, etc right?
  18. When I started playing PC games when I was three. Wolfenstein 3D, Aquanoid, and Duke Nukem are what I remember the most.
  19. The first, followed by the third. Not much of a fan of the others.
  20. Not the biggest FPS fan and if I end up wanting it the PC is always an option.
  21. 1: I don't really think anything about them. From what I've seen they are the same as male gamers. I meet some that are great and some that are horrible. 2: Not really. I've played games with quite a few girls on Live and there usually isn't any problems. Any time that someone was insulting or saying anything about a girl it was just the kind of person who would have just been insulting someone else for their voice, name, race, game skills, etc anyway. I've probably seen more girls be rude to people online for no reason then people just randomly insulting them. 3: I know a few. Not as many as I used to. I've run into significantly less women while playing games then I used to (possibly somewhat due to Xbox Live's party chat system that most people use now), although I tend to see more women on forums now then I used to.
  22. Are you one of the FF 1 players that goes through the game with a party of white mages?
  23. I've been a fan of Persona since I played the second game on the Playstation. I've loved anything the SMT series has done.
  24. I was extremely disapointed with the first, then I lowered expectations for the second and was dissapointed, didn't bother to play Fable 3 until it released and found that mediocre. So nowhere I guess. With all the great old RPGs with choices and great stories and characters and all the great new RPGs with large worlds to explore and the old style ones from Kickstarter, I don't really know why anyone cares about Fable at all, the series still hasn't even come close to reaching what the first Fable was supposed to be.
  25. Dragon Age is basically just an inferior Baldurs Gate so you could try those game. The Witcher 1, KOTOR 1 and 2, and Planescape Torment would also fit.