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Everything posted by Legolas_Katarn

  1. Baldurs Gate 2. Fallout 2, Planescape, Icewind Dale 2, Witcher, and Suikoden 2 also good choices.
  2. $^*^AJSA!^*^$ gets my vote. No, really I'll go with [AJSA]
  3. At this point nothing that MS does should surprise anyone
  4. I played the 360 version I had glitches with challenges randomly unlocking or not unlocking, I fell through the map, had objectives not appear until I reset, and it froze over 20 times during my playthrough. When it comes to the game the story felt rushed, the focus on Joker and Bane again was annoying, nothing new enemy wise, the two new gadgets they added were extremely overpowered, and the combat was actually worse because now there seems to be times where Batman just refuses to block or do attacks that hit enemies on the ground.
  5. Not surprisng with most people thinking D&D is the only tabletop roleplaying game. I am surprised to see more Dark Hersey than Shadowrun though. I'm at -7
  6. I was trying to change it yesterday but it never worked. Possibly due to all the traffic and server issues. It works now. I notice the two before the last one are backwards though.
  7. Or trying to summon satanic forces.
  8. I got them all when it started. Good deal.
  9. No, I tend to dislike any kind of physical activity except for walking. I do enjoy pacing around aimlessly or around the room while playing video games.
  10. Probably Atlus and CD Projekt Red. Platinum Games would also be up there. Paradox as well. Least favorite companies due to games or business practices would probably be Bethesda and Nintendo. Ubisoft and EA were up there but they have gotten better over the years. Ask the PS3 Skyrim players
  11. I'm not a fan of FPS games or watching them and really don't like Starcraft so I've never been too interested in watching it. Watching Fighting games and MOBAs might be interesting to me but I haven't tried to yet too busy watching people like Joe and other TGWTG members or watching tabletop roleplaying sessions.
  12. I'll avoid saying games I just don't like but can see why people like them. Two games that I found nothing good about and don't understand all the love they get at all would be Beyond Good and Evil: It just felt like it combined a short game with a small world, poor combat, poor stealth, and poor racing gameplay. Kingdom Hearts: Lazy uninteresting world design that should have dissapointed the Disney fans. Boring gameplay where you had to go through a few world to get basic moves that you should have always had. Starting you surrounded by Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka the worst FF characters ever.
  13. Hoping that it turns out well
  14. I'll go with the opinion of Johnny Maloney on the Blistered Thumbs Podcast which I believe was something like, "We're in a gaming renaissance that most gamers refuse to see." There are so many great games coming out, so many interesting things happening with indie devs and so much support for them recently with things like crowd funding and companies like Sony giving their support. It's easier than it ever has been to find opinions and reviews of games new and old. There are constant deals and bundle promotions with games. This is easily the best time to be a gamer and the only people who would think otherwise are blinded by nostalgia and looking at the past in rose colored glasses, focused on nothing but AAA games, or just aren't really looking for anything good.
  15. That was my thought in the past, I owned everything last generation and the one before, but as time goes by the consoles just keep getting more pointless.
  16. I hate cars and driving and won't go anywhere I might want to if I have to drive even if it isn't that far away. Are you sure it was a friend?
  17. Based on how much I liked the game, what the DLC adds, and how much it costs. Pretty much always positive as I check what it is before I buy it. I don't really have bad DLC experiences since I always know what I'm getting into.
  18. Some of my favorite games would be Ogre Battle 64 Ring of Red Bushido Blade 2 Baldurs Gate 2 Crusader Kings 2 Phantom Dust Mark of the Ninja Bastion Ghost Recon AW 1 and 2 Suikoden 1 and 2 Yakuza 3 Star Wars Jedi Outcast
  19. I enjoyed 0-Veronica and loved 4. Thought five was ok, thought 6 was terrible (would have been ok if it was all just Leons story but even that had it's problems compared to the last two).
  20. Tabletop Roleplaying games.
  21. Baldurs Gate 2. Great amount of content, writing, characters, options, gameplay, and mods. Witcher series, Suikoden 2, Planescape Torment, and Fallout 2 are also up there.
  22. Joined gold to help out more. Need to find a job where I just moved, once I do, it's very likely I'll join the Founders Club.
  23. Happy to join and support you as a club member
  24. That would be a nice change.