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Everything posted by Legolas_Katarn

  1. Games collector? You just listed systems. For systems I have SNES N64 Wii GBC GBA (two I think) 3DS (DS was stolen and I need to replace it with a DS Lite sometime) Genesis (two model 2 one model 1) Sega CD (one working, one not) Sega Saturn Playstation Playstation 2 Playstation 3 PSP Vita Xbox Xbox 360 (one working Elite and one red ringed) For a list of games I have the bottom image in my signature leads to my backloggery with a list of everything.
  2. Games I most want sequels for Ring of Red Ogre Battle 64 Bushido Blade 2 Phantom Dust Mark of the Ninja Whatever happened to the sequel to that game? There was an annoucement, nothing for years, a trailer, and then nothing again.
  3. It's my favorite game. No interest in the enhanced versions though.
  4. I love that game. Was using an avatar of Francis York Morgan a few days ago before I switched to G'Kar.
  5. Haven't bought it yet. Haven't played the last game in the series either even though I own, I usually really enjoy their games though.
  6. roll20.net. Using Skype or Google Hangouts. Trying to find people to play a game on rpggeek.com or on an official site for a game
  7. Well I'm happy that the extended cut fixed some of the butchered nonsensical moments. The entire end game was poor though. No epic battle to take part in or watch and no reason to gather any of the forces you had throughout the series because they weren't shown and had no impact on anything.
  8. Babylon 5, Farscape, and X-Files have always been mine. Really like Game of Thrones now.
  9. Just Metal Gear and Watchdogs for now.
  10. I have everything from last gen and from this I have a 3DS and Vita. I probably won't be getting a One or a Wii U though, unless I get them very cheap years later.
  11. Yeah, this seems to be the most obvious update. More game genres, certainly more for the consoles as people are talking about 360 stuff in the PC sections. A place to talk about older games would also be nice.
  12. I only have 76. I need to support more. Good to hear we will have something for it.
  13. I'd enjoy playing with a group, especially from here, add me on Live if you want more for the party and send me a message if you want me to get online. Not the biggest Halo fan and have no interest in being a part of a Halo team though.
  14. I agree with everything you said. Except I would much rather have Fallout 2's visuals than 3 or NV.
  15. Just for video games, I've backed Double Fine Adventure Wasteland 2 Shadowrun Returns (good game, great looking user content) Banner Saga (nice demo) Valdis Story (great game) Republique Tex Murphy Project Eternity Star Citizen Craymore Freedom Planet Dreamfall Torment Tides of Numenera Among the Sleep C-Wars Divinity Original Sin Jagged Alliance Massive Chalice Liege Warmachine Tactics Tangiers Mighty No. 9 Project Phoenix Shantae Half Genie Hero Sunless Sea The Long Dark Cosmic Star Heroine Hyper Light Drifter Worlds of Magic You Are Not the Hero (still going, long passed goal) Stasis (still going) Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore (still going)
  16. Well it plays differently. There's no reason to switch unless you want to play a new kind of game. If you just want something that plays the same but with some differences you can try Pathfinder.
  17. Not really. General discussion does say anything and everything. There are other threads that aren't about video games.
  18. Thank you. I've been starting to see Trail mentioned a lot more often over at RPGgeek.com
  19. I love X-FIles. As for aliens, never thought about it and don't care either way.
  20. He got me to buy Mount and Blade, King Arthur The Roleplaying Wargame, and Dungeonland.
  21. Yeah, looks nice and things are working well even with the large amount of traffic. Of course I was a recent Gamespot user and after what they did to their site I might just be easy to impress.
  22. I have the Dawn of War 2 games but never played much of their multiplayer.
  23. Well as someone that doesn't currently uplaod videos my opinion doesn't really matter, aside from videos having trouble loading or running slowly for some time. I follow a lot of popular youtube people on twitter and I don't see any of them that are happy with what they have done. Of course the two accounts google+ thing is annoying for everyone.
  24. Give it some time, it just started