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Everything posted by Legolas_Katarn

  1. If any good games come out of it that's good but I'm usually against anything patriotic since that usually seems to just create lies, propaganda, nationalism, or just really stupid moments in things (like terrible movies like Pearl Harbor).
  2. Unfortunetely I have it on the 360 so we wouldn't be able to play a game.
  3. That would be nice. Also, I was just using your avatar up until a few days ago.
  4. Joes previews/reviews have gotten me to buy Mount and Blade Series King Arthur The Roleplaying Wargame Dungeonland Outside of games Joe's support of that Zombie board game on Kickstarter got me to buy the miniature of him, Linkara, Spoony, and TotalBiscuit. I watch a lot of different people online but I think that's been about it as I tend to already know about games or rent/buy games anyway. Something got me to try Lone Survivor and Home. I know Home was from the Blistered Thumbs podcast, not sure what made me want to try Lone Survivor, it might have also been BT.
  5. Well, I'd have asked if he had a PSN name in his profile. Judging by most responses I imagine that when the next generation starts most of the people will be PC/PS4 instead of PC/360.
  6. I see you have a Steam ID and Gamertag, so are you talking about on the PC or 360?
  7. More than a dice collection I think him having an enitre series dedicated to roleplaying shows that.
  8. I've played all the Mega Man games, all the X games, the Zero games, and Legends 1 and 2. I think I liked the X series the most, probably followed by the Zero series. I still really liked the original and I enjoyed Legends just not as much as a lot of other people. It's a 3D adventure style game
  9. Yes, but the anger must be directed at the correct targets.
  10. I forgot the more obvious reason to play Pathfinder then some versions of D&D, that you can pretty much find everything free on their site. Rules, equipment, races, classes, the three (not sure if they added the fourth) bestiary books, spells, feats, etc. It's still a good way to get new players into a game or to bring a party together as a first adventure. Usually people aren't going to stray to far, certainly not in a short adventure unless they are just trying to cause problems, which shouldn't be a problem for inexperienced players. Of course a GM should still expect to make up some aspects of the game but for the most parts the main plot, important characters, maps, location, and battles/challenges/puzzles/etc are done for you.
  11. I really enjoyed the first season, don't like the sound of playing as Clementine but I hope they do something good with it. Enjoyed the first part of Wolf Among Us as well. Don't see why that's weird people get attached to actors in a movie.
  12. King Arthur The Roleplaying Wargame. Got me interested in a game I didn't know about, I tried it really enjoyed it, and got a few other people to try it who also liked it which got a few of them into the Total War series as well. Seeing Joe focus on PC games and sometimes more obscure titles greatly increased my enjoyment of his show and hopefully helped spread the word about great games people might have missed otherwise.
  13. Welcome
  14. For awhile now I've been wanting to try out Numenera or Star Wars Edge of the Empire. Both would work nicely because neither would require miniatures or maps for the combat and be easy to learn (same can be said for Cthulhu though). Of course, not as many people would have or know about them. From that list I would go with Pathfinder or Cthulhu as they are probably the most popular (and I own both). People could always run a published adventure if they want to make things a little easier on the GM or get new people into a game. An easy thing to do with any of the games I've mentioned.
  15. I'm pretty emotionless. Nothing really comes to mind. Of course Gamefly did just send me Beyond Two Souls. I hear that game has lots of polygons and that the polygons should give me the feels. Well, you know, until the cutscene/scripted event where they do all die.
  16. Loved: Baldurs Gate 2 Hated: Fallout Brotherhood of Steel
  17. More Bushido Blade.
  18. I enjoyed the first one, loved the second, liked the third until the last few missions gave no pay off for gathering those forces (the entire point of the game) and having the rushed and chopped up ending, I did enjoy the co-op though.
  19. I was in the stream when it happened and later Joe and Spoony posted the animated version on their sites. http://spoonyexperiment.com/2010/08/28/the-dd-freakout/ For the animated version. "Stop touching his dead body, that's all mine."
  20. Skype and using the website roll20, or Google Hangouts is the best way to do it. You don't really need a webcam unless you have to see each other, just a headset or microphone to talk.
  21. I also got my Numenera stuff from its Kickstarter or do you mean you got it from supporting the Torment Kickstarter? I supported the Numenera one before the game was annouced. I got a leatherbound version of the core book, players guide, dice, adventure, and screen. I'll also be getting the other three books he's working on when they come out. All great stuff so far.
  22. Is this even a debate anymore? PC gets just about any game now, gets them cheaper, can easily be used with an HD TV, and games that would also be on consoles and most others are able to be played with a controller for anyone that wants to do that. And PC seem to be cheaper to build and need a lot less frequent updating then they did in the past. None of the old reasons to prefer consoles exist anymore. I'd get a PS4 before the Xbox One though, even though I focused more on the 360 this generation and with my Vita getting a PS4 and PS+ is made an even better option.
  23. I don't know I'd have been about three. The first games I remember playing were Wolfenstein 3D, Aquanoid, Secret of Monkey Island, and Hocus Pocus. I got a SNES not long after but I would have played those games first.
  24. We'll have to play something together, I excel at using my unlucky teammates as decoys to find enemy snipers.