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  1. I plan to upgrade/find out what is wrong with my PC before buying another console. This generation I owned everything and focused more on the 360 because I had been a member of Live for the Xbox, I prefered the controller, had friends on it, and they did a lot of things better (online, party chat, achievements, no installs, etc). This coming generation I would much rather have a PS4, everything I've heard makes it sound like the better option, cheaper price, same online features, region free, no embaressing PR, better deal with the PS+ (and it will also get me free stuff on my Vita), improved controller, building great relationships with indie devs, etc. As time has gone on though I've only seen less and less reason for why a serious gamer wouldn't be focusing on a PC before anything else though.
  2. Mainly a PC gamer, that's the way to do it. I also enjoy some Civ 5, XCom and Shogun.
  3. Hello. I also enjoyed the end of AC4.