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    Learning about video game industry and design history, translation, and effects and influences on different countries and culture. Sleeping, Tabletop RPGs (Pathfinder, Numenera, Call of Cthulhu, Star Wars Fantasy Flight, Pendragon, D&D 5th, etc), spicy food/hot sauce, sleeping, intersectional feminism, history in general, sleeping, cats, and not going outside when the sun is out.

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About Me

Commander Responsibilities

My job here is mainly to oversee the forums, our moderators, and our members. Sometimes I host PC game events. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how to do something on the site, if you need something for your account changed, want to know if we allow a certain kind of post, want to know where to post something, etc and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I also put together the AJSA This Week In Gaming articles.

Gaming Community Background

I was a very active member of Gamespot from 2002-2013, and have been and still am active on other communities since 2000 including one of the earliest Xbox Live communities. I helped to run a lot of popular community created message boards on the Gamespot, got along well with a lot of their staff and moderators, and ended up having one of the highest levels and one of the highest emblem collections (for anyone who used to use Gamespot and knows what those are). Gamespot ended up removing a lot of their community tools, screwed up their forums, and started losing a lot of their staff, this caused a lot of people to leave and me to start looking for another community to join.

I joined the AJSA on the day of the community relaunch in 2013. I had been aware of Joe's reviews since he started making them, I was a member of Joe's original community but didn't stick around due to the frequent spam. After about a week or two here I was offered a position as a moderator by Nytefury, who was a Commander at the time. After doing that for over a year I was promoted to a Command position in January 2015, taking over for Dogfish after he stepped down. I am now usually here or on Board/RPG/Video Game Geek. I'm also active on Twitter, where I will often talk about the games I'm currently playing and post screenshots of them, in addition to whatever else interests me or I find amusing. I keep a thread updated here to let people know of bundle deals and free game giveaways.

My username is from a mixture of the two characters I was playing as in the games I was playing when I joined Gamespot, The Two Towers on the PS2 and Jedi Outcast on the PC. Any other names I wanted to use at the time were taken, and I got bored with trying to think of other ones, not knowing I would be one of that sites more active members for the next 10 years. In later years I found it amusing that my name consists of two overpowered (in LOTR films at least) Gary Stue characters. If talking to someone or playing online I prefer people to just call me by my real name, which is Kennan. I don't really care about Lord of the Rings (other than enjoying the trilogy) and I care about Star Wars even less (not even enjoying the entirety of the first trilogy or the vast majority of the media to follow), please don't send me messages asking about or with news of either franchise.

Personal and Gaming History

I'm 29, my free time is typically spent playing video games or tabletop roleplaying games, watching tabletop roleplay sessions (Steven Lumpkin, Adam Koebel), reading tabletop roleplaying books or about anything else that interests me, or watching Youtubers with deeper looks into video games or the game industry (Game Maker's Toolkit, hbomberguyNoah Caldwell-Gervais, Writing On Games, Errant Signal, Jacob Geller, Michael SabaNoclip, etc) or other industries (Folding Ideas, Lindsay Ellis, Phelous, Bennet The Sage, and Linkara).

I currently live in Idaho but I have lived in California for most of my life and Texas for a few years. From the time that I was a sophomore in high school, and for a year after graduating, I worked at a rec paintball field as a referee. I have been a big fan of Babylon 5 as well as shows like X-Files, Columbo, Deep Space Nine (Sisko the best Captain), and Farscape since I was a kid but I no longer watch TV or movies as I would rather spend the time doing something else.

I've been playing games for over 26 years, I own a lot of systems and have played through about 3,000 games. When it comes to genres I pretty much enjoy anything, except for driving games. I tend to prefer SRPGs, tactical shooters, and strategy games.

For a list of games and systems I've played, you can check my backloggery account which shows every game that I can remember having played and what system or systems I played them on.