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  1. Well if u didn't know this or didn't want to see this reality.......NOW YOU KNOW! Luckily this sets grounds for more "disclosure" on this kind of things, so people who are uninformed, understand what is truly happening. And to all fanboys out there... Your argument is invalid!
  2. At no point I claimed that Machinima was the ultimate gaming source. And I agree with most of your descriptions regarding this channel. Sadly they get a lot of attention from regular ppl, who could very well become SC pilots. So I think it does matters. (Hopefully this will change in light of recent events)
  3. Check this out. I find this very unpleasant, what a terrible way to describe the game and all its wonderful features. I know its Machinima, but to talk about SC like its some kind of con or scam...Not fair at all.
  4. This sums up what most people believe in (and pls Mexman dont take this personal this is just to illustrate a point)... a) not even if we extinguish every resource on earth we would be able to search the entire universe, this is an impossibility. b ) yes one day it will happen, either by chance or we evolve to a point that we are not ignored anymore...and its not a matter of believing or not its a matter or probability and numbers never lie , although life might not be as we think (small big headed green men). Now, putting aside the fact that most likely any government or private party would keep it secret (they do it with your taxes on black books why the fuck wouldn't they do it if they found advance technology elsewhere?, or the stupid theological implications), any civilization above ours will never be interested in contacting us a) we are like ants to humans b )There wont be an invasion or hostile aliens like in the movies...why? The natural resources "argument" from most movies its a lie, there are 100 + planets that we know of that hold infinite more resources than earth ( we are actually depleting ours, YAY MANKIND!) But in any case you don't have to take my word for it, take it from Michio Kaku, and if you don't know who he is then why are you reading this thread? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=005t_OQV2is
  5. The only reason I own consoles is to hang with my friends when they visit me, otherwise I do my gaming @PC.
  6. Still I think is mediocre and I agree with Sidious Fallout3 > Fallout New Vegas any day of the week. And we are not comparing fallout 2 or its marvelous content, back story and such ;)
  7. Good for u u u u u u u u :3
  8. "EW" hahahah...."tumblr"...bwhawhwahaha!! oh u happy little people in your happy little bubble with your happy little comments...if u only knew where it all comes from.
  10. In all honestly.... VERY FUCKING IMPORTANT
  11. Yeah I've gotten worst. Good one tho.