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  • Birthday 12/11/1988

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    Multiplayer games and anything outdoors especially airsoft :)
  1. Hello everyone miss you guys and gals from the ESO days hope to play with you again! Family name: Berez IGN: Vynisulus
  2. Thank you for info, I will be joining shortly
  3. Since I have no one to play with I am extremely interested in joining you guys, send me a friend request or PM and I'll join up as a dwarf
  4. I have been playing video games since I was about 5 to 6 years old (no bragging intended) the first online game I ever played was StarCraft which lead me on to CS 1.6 and Diablo / Diablo II. I love games of all genres and love playing with people if you wish to add me on steam or origin just message me!!! My favorite games by far have to be strategic FPS and MMORPG even though I haven't played an MMO since ESO bombed out. I enjoy this community and love that there are so many positive things going on for us gamer types and would love to be more involved and spread the positive environment I feel from all of you I am in the steam group for AJSA name is Berez if you wish to add me go right ahead
  5. I have been playing CS for over 10 years now and am currently looking for anyone to play with. I have currently been playing with my badge buddy and got tired of only have one person to play with, I am currently ranked Master Guardian 1 (deranked from double ak due to vanguard maps) My steam name is Berez ADD ME if you wish to play, I do not rage on others because let's face it, boosting moral is the best support for a team based game Steam name Berez
  6. Always interested in teaming up with people, I was a double ak but ranked down to Master Guardian 1 due to playing the vanguard maps lol Been playing since 1.6 add me if you wish steam name is Berez
  7. I just google most of the ones that are bugged for me, either it comes down to abandoning the quest, being on top of an item that isn't popping the action button (default e) or simply disabling certain addons and restarting the game. This is turning out to be the BF4 of MMO's Still have hope for this game none the less!
  8. Loved the last raid, all the ones you guys put together are some of the best strategezied major raids I been in can't wait to be a part of more and see how my heal sorc / destruction will work out in the AJSA
  9. esoui.com has some interesting ones though I will probably wait until after the official launch, more than likely these mods will go out of date due to updates fairly quickly
  10. @Berez123 I'm already on teamspeak Can't wait to play with you guys in guild
  11. ****Sent account name is Berez123
  12. Thank you so much for posting this I can't wait to PLAY been constantly thinking about it since last beta.
  13. My name is nirvana77811 add me I'm already in the AJSA
  14. I have been playing Elder Scrolls games for years (first was arena) and for some reason I have always had problems with the crafting changes although ESO seems simple enough. I found some youtube videos that helped me out a lot just figured I would share with the rest of the guild. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-0iXo2flQM
  15. Welcome Sgt. Ross