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  1. Berez liked a post in a topic by Thikor123 in Ark Dwarf Tribe Recruitment   
    Yet another dwarf joins the fray.
  2. Judge Paradox liked a post in a topic by Berez in Looking for some people to play with   
    I have been playing CS for over 10 years now and am currently looking for anyone to play with.  I have currently been playing with my badge buddy and got tired of only have one person to play with, I am currently ranked Master Guardian 1 (deranked from double ak due to vanguard maps) My steam name is Berez ADD ME if you wish to play, I do not rage on others because let's face it, boosting moral is the best support for a team based game
    Steam name Berez
  3. MummifiedBaboon liked a post in a topic by Berez in Hello I am Berez AKA Erock   
    I have been playing video games since I was about 5 to 6 years old (no bragging intended) the first online game I ever played was StarCraft which lead me on to CS 1.6 and Diablo / Diablo II.  I love games of all genres and love playing with people if you wish to add me on steam or origin just message me!!!  My favorite games by far have to be strategic FPS and MMORPG even though I haven't played an MMO since ESO bombed out.  I enjoy this community and love that there are so many positive things going on for us gamer types and would love to be more involved and spread the positive environment I feel from all of you  
    I am in the steam group for AJSA name is Berez if you wish to add me go right ahead
  4. Morwenna liked a post in a topic by Berez in General PVP group rules and raid times   
    Loved the last raid, all the ones you guys put together are some of the best strategezied major raids I  been in can't wait to be a part of more and see how my heal sorc / destruction will work out in the AJSA
  5. Berez liked a post in a topic by Morwenna in General PVP group rules and raid times   
    Since we have gotten a good taste of PVP now, we have decided to set up some general raid times and rules to PVP grouping for the guild.
    Regular raid times for PVP will be 7 PM EST daily and 3 PM CST on Saturdays. Sundays are open to pick up groups but we won't be officially meeting up.
    General Rules/Group Etiquette for PVP is as follows:
    1. NO MAN LEFT BEHIND! This means we stay together save for designated group scouts at all times. Do NOT wander off on your own! Do NOT go ahead on your own. Leave that duty to the designated scouts. If a player should die...if it is safe to do so we ask that you resurrect other players ASAP. No man left behind. We are safer in numbers.
    2. PVP Raid/Group time is PVP time. Please do NOT take up the group's time asking us to stop for skyshards and quests. This is a detour that you can come back for on YOUR OWN TIME. It is very hard to organize and keep raid groups going at a good pace. These detours only slow us down. Leave PVP time for PVP time and quest time for your own time.
    3. Please be in the teamspeak PVP channel when PVPING. You can not hear orders if you are not in it, nor do we have the time to type them when we are seiging. DO NOT TALK OVER your group leaders. Leave the chat clear for directions. If you see the group leader trying to talk...SHUT UP! If there is an emergency/you see an incoming horde then please pipe up but try to wait until the last person is done talking.
    4. Mundus/Guardian Stones and Ayeleid Wells. If the group happens to come across/near one...we WILL stop to let you charge from it. If one person stops, we ALL stop together! Only one person can charge at a time. Charge and then back off for other people to target the stone/well. Do NOT leave the area until EVERY PLAYER is charged.
    5. Attacking Mines/Farms/Lumber Mills. Always Always stick together and focus on and around the mage tower first. There is an order that makes this easy and prevents needless deaths. Attacking unnecessary NPCs only gets the group killed. Listen to your group leaders and focus on the mobs they are calling only. Mage on top of the tower and surrounding tower ground mobs first. Then Menders in the center circle and then the guards. If you do not take the mage in the tower out, you will have area effects in the center circle that will wipe your group. The menders will heal the guards if you do not take them out first. You must target the menders first. Doing otherwise will result in needless deaths. Once the center circle and the mage on the tower is down, the other NPCS in the area will switch alliances and save us extra work.
    6. Attacking Keeps. Siege equipment gets expensive and is VERY necessary to taking down keeps. We are currently discussing a separate PVP guild to store necessary siege equipment and soul gems. Until then please be considerate of other players and keep soul gems on you and siege equipment at all times. The following siege weapons work best for their specified uses:
    Ballista - Helps take down structures and enemies and siege equipment. Best for setting up around doors and hallways to keep enemies at bay. Also helps take down walls and doors.
    Battering Ram - essential for taking down doors quickly
    Fire Ballista - Works best for taking down other siege equipment - especially in combo with oil trebouchets. Not good for shooting high like trebouchets...but burns other siege equipment fastest
    Firepot Trebouchet - burns wooden doors and siege equipment down fastest and enemy players
    Iceball Trebouchet- Slows down enemy players
    Lightning Ballista - Snares enemy players
    Meatbag Catapult- causes disease damage to enemy players
    Oil Catapult- Helps fire siege weapons burn down siege weapons faster, snares enemy players
    Scattershot Catapult- mass area effect of damage to enemy players
    Stone Trebouchet- takes down walls and doors quickest outside of the battering ram on doors
    Flaming Oil- Use over doorways and from on top of buildings to dump down on battering rams and enemy players. Works especially well on front keep doors when used over the grate.
    Seige Weapons need to be repaired. They do not have unlimited uses. The bottom red line on your siege weapon indicates its wear. You need to carry siege repair kits for your siege weapons! Otherwise they will break.
    7. When entering a keep...do NOT rush in. Stay back and pull the npc mage guards from the transitus stones first. Their area effect spells will cause your group to wipe if you do not take them out right away.
    8. REPAIR the keeps you siege before you leave them!
    9. And lastly stay out of the water! Don't try to swim in Cyrodil. Slaughter fish will kill you!
    Angry Joe makes this guild what it is and for that reason times of his broadcasts and times that he's on creates a mass influx of players. PVP slots will be reserved for those players who are the most active/play the most. Additonal groups are formed as necessary, but do NOT expect to be raiding with Joe when you are on. We function as a group dynamic. If Joe should happen to stream a raid, we ask that you keep your focus on the raid and the task at hand. We all love and listen to Joe when he streams . We don't need to talk about it in the middle of trying to take down a keep . The leaders still need to be able to give orders. So we ask that you keep the show talk down while in the middle of raiding. Save for Angry Joe...he can do what ever he wants .
    By following these simple guidelines and rules and being courteous to other guildies and alliance members, we can have great results. The more who show up, the better the results! We have already taken Emporer once, we can take it again. After having played extensively on the maps, I can personally tell you it can change on a dime simply based on the number of people who show up. Please do not be discouraged if you see another alliance dominating the map. The whole point of setting raid times is so that we can all meet at set times to have numbers to push back! With your help and not giving in, we can rule Cyrodil!
  6. Berez liked a post in a topic by BoB Dolen in Foundry Tactical Combat addon   
    I'm using:
    ESOhead markers
    My status window
  7. Berez liked a post in a topic by SloppyG in Official Launch Times and many questions answered! Highlights from Reddit AMA   
    I know it! very excited.
    7am Sunday... Pot of coffee, a danish.. I'll be good to go!
    Just over a week to go!
  8. Berez liked a post in a topic by SloppyG in Official Launch Times and many questions answered! Highlights from Reddit AMA   
    Hey all! 
    I threw together the 'good stuff', according to me, from the AMA on Reddit today.
    Official Launch Dates/Times:
    For 5 day early access:
    North America (East): 7:00 AM EDT, Sunday March 30th--
    UK/IE: 12:00 PM WEST, Sunday March 30th--
    Central Europe: 1:00 PM CEST, Sunday March 30th--
    Sydney, Australia: 10:00 PM AEDT, Sunday March 30th--
    Singapore: 7:00 PM SGT, Sunday March 30th --
    For 3 day early access:
    North America (East): 7:00 AM EDT, Tuesday April 1st--
    UK/IE: 12:00 PM WEST, Tuesday April 1st--
    Central Europe: 1:00 PM CEST, Tuesday April 1st--
    Sydney, Australia: 10:00 PM AEDT, Tuesday April 1st--
    Singapore: 7:00 PM SGT, Tuesday April 1st--
    ...and for launch:
    North America (East): 7:00 PM EDT, Thursday, April 3rd--
    UK/IE: 12:00 AM WEST, Thursday, April 4th--
    Central Europe: 1:00 AM CEST, Thursday, April 4th--
    Sydney, Australia: 10:00 AM AEDT, Thursday, April 4th--
    Singapore: 7:00 AM SGT, Thursday, April 4th
    Yes! 7am folks! :) And you california peeps will have to wake up (or stay up) for 4am :-/
    On Guild Functioanlity:
    We are absolutely looking at guild interface, store, and other improvements for guilds soon, including better communication tools for large guilds.
    - Yes, guilds will have more ranks.
    - The 10% "house cut" in guild shops is a gold sink. We are evaluating it, but it was something to help keep the value of gold up.
    - May add an internal treasury to store and use gold for the guild. It can certainly cause arguments.
    - Working on a fix for guild shop's "Materials" search field returns items of all kinds, and doesn't give options for sorting craft professions.
    - Going to redo categorization of items to make sure they are more easily searchable.
    - We will be looking at tabards and insignias for guilds in an update in the near future.
    - Guild Stores will be our in-game market, but we are looking at ways to expand this with our upcoming guild changes. We do not want a global auction house, however.
    - Guilds can have up to 500 people/accounts. And you can be a member of up to 5 guilds.
    On Combat:
    Using Armor Penetration Abilities for 100% Armor penetration is only increase Damage by 6-7% regardless of the enemies armor value.
    Using Spell Penetration abilities for 75% Spell Penetration is increasing damage by 70-75%.
    The armor and spell penetration traits are not working exactly how we want them to right now. The desired effect is that when I have 10% armor penetration, I ignore 10% of the target's armor value. This is the way it works on passives and abilities right now, but traits are a little different. The fix for this should hit with either launch or shortly after.
    Youtube user Mystborn has exposed a few game systems to be working in VERY unexpected ways:
    - No cap in place for ability cost reduction
    - Partially charged stealth attacks deal much more damage than fully charged ones
    - Dunmer passive adds about +2.3% to flame damage while Altmer gains +6% for all elements
    Are these systems working as intended or can we expect to see improvements made to them over time?
    We are addressing all of those issues in time for launch. By issue:
    - No cap in ability cost reduction: We are leveling out cost reduction enchants in veteran ranks, as well as cleaning up a few bugs with them.
    - Partial charged stealth attacks: That was a bug, and the fix just missed this most recent patch. You can expect partially charged, sneak heavy attacks to scale smoothly in their damage all the way up to the full charged value
    - Dunmer vs. high elf passive: Another issue we addressed that just missed this patch. The Dunmer fire talent passive is having some bugs cleaned up, and going to +2%/4%/6% fire damage. The Altmer elemental talent is going to +2%/3%/4% damage with all elements.
    Is there a reasoning that the Khajiit passive Carnage doesn't work with Bow/Ranged attacks?
    That's a bug. Whoops! I thought we fixed it already. I'll check to make sure that's fixed today! Should be good to go for launch.
    On Cash Shops:
    The next items available for purchase are a name change service, and possibly some vanity pets. We have no timeline for these, so don't expect them soon, and there aren't concrete plans for anything else at the moment after that.
    On Explorer Pack pre-order bonus:
    playing any race in any alliance is a pre-order perk. We have no plans to offer this bonus in any other way.
    On PVP:
    Any plan to change/remove the 20 kills quest in Cyrodiil? It's annoying to have to suicide to compete with top players in leaderboards. It's not rewarding killing people, just the people that bothers turning in the quest all the time. Leaderboards are actually fill with people repairing walls, gates and turning in a 20 kills quest.
    I've made this for the last 5 or 6 betas, always been top1 or 2 in leaderboards and Emperor because it's part of the fun for me. But it's disgusting as a game design.
    There are discussions about adding more PVP Quests in Cyrodiil or simply making the Kill 20 players quest a bit more available around the Keeps instead of back at the home portal Keeps.
    - Do you guys have plans to implement dueling?
    - Do you guys gave plans to implement a gladiator arena for players to fight?
    - For the time being there are no plans to put in duels as we want player vs. player combat focused on Cyrodiil, and fighting the enemy not your friends.
    - For the future, we'll be paying close attention to what players ask for whether it's sport style PVP, Arenas, or adding more Keeps to Cyrodiil or different campaigns. That's the beauty of continually supporting E.S.O. after we ship! =)
    On Questing:
    i noticed that people were encoutring buged quest a lot during the last beta test, but not the people on pts servers, i guess this is related to the number of player on the last beta, how can you assure us that that is not going to happen at lunch where the number of people is gonna be much bigger ??
    We found the underlying problem that caused that series of bugs (similar problems across a wide variety of quests) that made the last beta frustrating for players and those fixes will show up on PTS on Monday and will be live for early access. We're pretty sure we found all of them, but we will remain vigilant and will fix anything else that may crop up.
    On Starter Islands:
    We moved the NPC who tells you about the island directly in front of you when you leave your house/boat in Vukhel Guard/Daggerfall/Davons Watch. This change has been made on our internal dev server and will be pushed to PTS early next week - and will be up for early access.
    Short story: if you want to go to the islands, now it is much easier to do so. Or, if you want to start exploring your first major zone, you can do that too. It's your choice.
    And more!....
    Party Leader identifications: Yes, plans to add this in the future.
    Addons / Addon Free Campaigns: no, all pvp campaigns will have the same ruleset, but we are taking steps to ensure that UI mods won't give players an advantage in PvP over a player that doesn't have one.
    FOV Slider: Not in for launch.
    Random Mount Dismounts: This is a bug that we are working to fix.
    Speech Bubbles: We have no current plans to support speech bubbles.
    Moderators: yes, we will have full CS support on the live servers, including being able to handle TOS violations and harassment. We take player experience very seriously and as much as possible won't allow disruptive players to make life difficult for others.
    First major content release: as soon as possible after launch - this is Craglorn. Expect to see more info very soon.
  9. Berez liked a post in a topic by R3dSt4r in Your BF4 soldier name.   
    My screen name on BF4 is rramirez31 I play as often as I can, but wish I could change it though.
  10. forzsaken liked a post in a topic by Berez in Crafting   
    I have been playing Elder Scrolls games for years (first was arena) and for some reason I have always had problems with the crafting changes although ESO seems simple enough.  I found some youtube videos that helped me out a lot just figured I would share with the rest of the guild.
  11. Berez liked a post in a topic by Doshka17 in Official Launch Times and many questions answered! Highlights from Reddit AMA   
    already have off work for early access, gonna rock!
  12. Berez liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Hello I am Berez   
    That's a nice list of games.
    Welcome to AJSA, Berez. =)
  13. Berez liked a post in a topic by Gone in ESO Character Class, Role and Builds   
    Dragon Knight and DPS.
    And DPS Nightblade.
    And Templar Healer.
    And Sorc DPS.
    And Dragon Knight tank.
    And Templar DPS.
    My name is Gomly ... and i'm an altaholic.
  14. Berez liked a post in a topic by Tons0fun in **READ FIRST!** Requesting a Game Poll Here   
    First wave of polls are over!
    3 new games will be added to the officially supported list once Game Officers are found:
    Path of Exile ARMA 3 CS:GO