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    I am nate252 aka TodaysMarriedGamer aka Zerodyme. I am a youtuber that got his start in MineCraft pvp. Today I upload skits and lets plays of minecraft, strategy/rts, and many other games. I also will be livestreaming from PC and Xbox One.



  1. isnt there a google doc that lists all the ships we have? where is it?
  2. Enjoyed the first episode of AJ's Table Time! What are some of Joes favorite games? I currently have over 80 board games so its hard to pick favorites. But here are 5 that I really enjoy. -Vikings -Acquire -Le Havre -Lancaster -Lords of Waterdeep
  3. Heads up to my fellow master race. There is a sale today only, on the revered Warthog HOTAS rig. link The sale also includes other joystick/HOTAS as well also here is a top 5 list of HOTAS if your interested
  4. Im not sure the link to the list is easy to find, so here it is if anyone needs it https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aq1m_tPIpvnSdExsVnRYQ1dwMy1Xd0M1eF9IaWRmRGc&usp=sharing
  5. Thought ide share this here since it kinda pertains to citizencon
  6. Thanks for the update. Im looking forward to more info
  7. Currently my only ship is the Cutlass Blue
  8. I got myself a blue for the better shields, cockpit, and limited availability. I think they they will be giving the cutlass variants another buff before game release too so im hoping on that. Heres she is if anyone wants to see
  9. Just in case you missed it or want a recap:
  10. any updates? last post was a month ago..
  11. Xi'An
  12. My newest lore video about the Banu
  13. That would be such a bummer to put the work into making a game like this, for what little they have, and be all excited about it and then nobody likes it :/ just a waste of time lol its just such a ripoff.. you can expect to make an average space sim MMO when flipping elite dangerous and star citizen are your competitors