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  1. serious_cyrus liked a post in a topic by Nya` in Aus charges so much more for the same product   
    You have no reason to complain, absolutely none whatsoever...
    If a 16 year kid were to get a job in Australia working Monday through Friday 40 hours a week at McDonald's making minimum wage he could have a PlayStation 4 by Thursday of the work week for just 32.5 hours of labor. Here working the same job at Mcdonald's doing the exact same thing and making our minimum wage it would take 55 hours, he would have his console the following week on Tuesday...
    Who has more reason to complain?
  2. serious_cyrus liked a post in a topic by Nya` in Aus charges so much more for the same product   
    Your minimum wage is $16.88 in Australia, please quit acting so disenfranchised, these threads are ridiculous every time they pop up....
    You have to work 32.5 hours to make $550 at your federal minimum wage of $16.88, someone in the US working for our minimum wage of $7.25 would have to work 75.8 hours to make that same $550, and 55 hours to make the $400 this console costs us here. For your $100 games you're working 5.9 hours, for our $60 games we're putting in 8.2 hours of work...
    You're putting in nearly half of the work that people do here for the same thing and you complain about it, incredible... By work alone everything about this is much cheaper for you, all of it..
  3. Drunkcrusader liked a post in a topic by serious_cyrus in Will we ever get a GOD OF WAR 4?!?   
    I hope not. The series was great, but it had a story which has been concluded. They could do another prequel, but that'd be pretty uninteresting at this point.
    I'd rather have a few great games than see them drag it on until it's no longer interesting.
    I'd rather see them put their talent into something new and original. Maybe something in the same world but with a different character. Maybe like their take on Roman or Egyptian gods.
  4. Unlimited liked a post in a topic by serious_cyrus in PS4 and your Vita!   
    Remote Play works very well. Connected directly to the PS4 (there's a checkbox to enable this in the settings), the picture is clear and there is no lag. Or if there is lag, it's such a small amount that it's not noticeable.
    I've also tried it over the internet, and it seems to work good that way as well. The picture isn't as clear, and there is slight lag. (Compared to clear image with no lag)
    If you pay close attention you might notice that that there is some compression, but it isn't very noticeable during normal game play and overall looks very good.
    I've not used "second screen" function very much, but I see there's the option to use your Vita's touch screen keyboard to type things on the PS4, so that could come in handy. I'm not a fan of on screen keyboards, but an OSK on a touch screen is not nearly as bad as one on a tv.
    EDIT: When using remote play over the internet, picture quality and responce time depend greatly on both the internet connection speed at home, and the connection speed which your Vita is connected through. When I tried it, both connections were fast which is why it worked surprisingly good. I wouldn't expect greatness doing it through a slow connection.