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    Ring of the Slightly Damned
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    I'm interested in not having to look for a job right now. Otherwise, anime, games, friends. Life is another one.
  1. Freebite#1236
  2. If I could choose what I became when I started living in the anime, I would choose Wolf's Rain and become a wolf. Otherwise, if I was stuck as a human though, Gurren Lagann, or perhaps Origin: Spirits of the Past.
  3. I encountered mine in Starcraft 2. I was simply playing Special Forces Elite 5. When I died, 2 of the people started calling me a retarded American and that all Americans are stupid and they kept going on about how I was terrible at the game and they kept that up throughout the whole hour or so playtime. Some people. I also saw others ragging on someone in a server on Starbound for having bad English, he also made the mistake of explaining his first language was Chinese. Sometimes I just wanna hurt people. So speaking of battling to the very last drop of blood, it all comes out red. No matter where you come from, or what color your skin is. That's how I see it.
  4. I like being True Neutral... nice and simple. Though being a higher tier might not be so bad either...
  5. Jak 3, on PS2 haven't seen it happen on PS3, I landed in a spot on a wall where I semi-phased through it and then Jak's walking animation got stuck upside down for like 10 minutes. Also in the same game, the spinning attack animation had a glitch where he kept spinning and spinning, though he wasn't attacking and I could shoot straight and all punch and everything, but all you would see was him spinning. Spin to win!
  6. I do exactly that. The Dark Souls thing on console. There is something about playing that game sitting on a couch a fair ways away from a TV as opposed to playing it sitting at a desk in front of a PC monitor, and personally I didn't like playing Oblivion on the PC, yet loved it on console. While Skyrim I disliked on the console, and despite the big menu issues, I LOVE it on the PC. I don't know why, but that's how that is.
  7. Star Craft 2, in a 2v2 mirror match against a Protoss and Zerg. I went collosus-immortal because it seemed the Zerg was going Zergling-Roach and the protoss looked like he was going mass Stalker-Zealot, well the enemy Protoss went mass Void Rays. The few stalkers I had died pretty quick, and I was losing fast. My team mate, Goliath, who was attacking the enemy Zerg, left his Roaches in the Zerg base, and got his Hydra's back and basically destroyed the Void Rays. THAT was my big saving grace moment.
  8. Crysis 2. Crysis was amazing, Crysis Warhead, amazing. Then they derped and made Crysis 2. Which wasn't a bad game, but compared to it's predecessor... it was disappointing. I haven't played Crysis 3 so I don't know about that.
  9. In anime: Lizbeth from SAO Celty from Durarara Kazakiri Hyouka from To Aru Majutsu No Index From games: Sweet Autumn Sanctum 2
  10. Yeah I am also having the same issue, I didn't on my old computer, but recently I got a new gaming machine and I see all of that, and when I scroll down more and more of them appear saying that the icon for x was not found.
  11. I personally think it's overhyped. It looks good, but how do we really know what it will be until it is released? We don't, so until then...
  12. Both the PS3 and Xbox have their merits, but frankly I thought that the PS3 would be better for me, I'm not a Sony fanboy, but I have never, nor will own, an Xbox. Of course I hold that the PS2 had the best games, but oh well...
  13. This is just me, but I was never a fan of the GTA series. Anyway this sort of stuff happens all the time, is anyone really surprised about it? Popular game with possible way to exploit it=people are going to do so in order to try and steal from people.