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  1. Madman liked a post in a topic by Freebite in Saving graces during games   
    Star Craft 2, in a 2v2 mirror match against a Protoss and Zerg. I went collosus-immortal because it seemed the Zerg was going Zergling-Roach and the protoss looked like he was going mass Stalker-Zealot, well the enemy Protoss went mass Void Rays. The few stalkers I had died pretty quick, and I was losing fast. My team mate, Goliath, who was attacking the enemy Zerg, left his Roaches in the Zerg base, and got his Hydra's back and basically destroyed the Void Rays. THAT was my big saving grace moment.
  2. Twisted Chi liked a post in a topic by Freebite in Cover Songs   
    This might be more what your asking about. Here ya go,
    But then another, probably less for what your asking about, but I like it none-the-less,
  3. Hishinuma liked a post in a topic by Freebite in What was your first game or games that got you hook into gaming?   
    Jak 3, and Ratchet: Deadlocked. Great games, still play them too.
  4. Guest
    Guest liked a post in a topic by Freebite in What are you listening to right now or play the f***ing guitar?   
    This guy... look up some more of his stuff.