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  1. Currently fixing to start 3.5 DnD game
  2. But I got this game off Steam? And the drivers are all up to date
  3. Ive already played Xcom EU and EW on console, I just want to play this game I mean I payed for it so why not?
  4. So I just got the Bureau Xcom Declassified and I have been having the worst of troubles. First off I try and get on and choose Direct x11 and it pops up on like 75% of my screen, then once it gets to the main menu it just starts blinking repeatedly and I am unable escape or click on anything. Eventaully I just alt f4 out but then everything on my window screen is flipped backwards. I restart my computer and it fixes it except for the game itself. Ive deleted and re installed it but dont really know what to do now, someone help me please!
  5. Personally I love early access games, you get to see how the game your so interested is going and you could possibly have a hand in fixing bugs and making the game better for others. My brother and I pooled in our money and bought Wasteland 2 and we absolutely love playing the game, even though there was quite a few bugs in it! We usually try to post feedback about the game and try to help the game developers find other problems so that the final version will be complete. I really see EAGs as a way to buy the game, play them early, and fix problems so in most ways I think its a good idea. But my experience is limited to Wasteland 2 so some EAGs are probably a bad...
  6. Please vote above and send my way more games you would be interested in training in!
  7. Ok everyone Ill be making a poll in suggestions for whoever would like to vote on the games Im about to put up! I'll have a few pc games and a few major console games on there since starting with those will be easier. Hope to see ye votes! Edit: It will be in forum suggestions! Forgot to put that
  8. I feel i dont need to type much, my opinion is the same as Lord Joe's
  9. I agree I see this as making AJSA better and putting us higher as an elite unit not just a gaming community with only a few people in one elite squad. The people who do train could get better and then go to make another elite squad and so on and so forth. Really its just improving on something that is already good
  10. I dont follow when you say they are there to make sure problems drag out, a manager is in charge of setting up and fixing the problems. I would see a lack of fixing a contious problem a lazy manager and not fit to be in the position.
  11. GW2 sounds like a good idea, doesnt matter if we are not supporting like I said this is community driven. Cant see Dark Souls though lol but Im sure DayZ is a good choice for training group.
  12. Ok so what is a game everyone would like to see get a training group? For this to get started we need at least 5 willing members who want to learn, a dedicated trainer or trainers and a member. And we can throw in an Analyst for Arc lol If anyone has suggestions as to any new positions please give them and how they could be beneficial! Hope to see this start up!!!
  13. Ok lets see if i can answers these questions lol they are some I really never thought about. As to what consoles the training groups will be stuck to, there will not be any limitations on any console. However this is would be a complete community driven project. But there might be problems with the dedication thing as well and completely expect there will be. I dont wont to burden any gamer with constant training. The sessions will be about 1 a week and what I would like to do is set up a video blog for members who couldnt make it or who had to work. Members can ask for help and if the trainer wants to, then the trainer can hold a private session with that member. What I am suggesting is that a group of gamers get together to learn. I do see where you are coming from when people will quit even after people help them learn how to play better. I fully expect someone to just up and quit but I truly hope that the trainer can set aside the person who quits and continue to help the bigger group. Lets say I trained this kid who was really into WoW but then just up and quit, there would still be that group that trained with the kid who would still be in there still training. So as I see it I think the trainer would have more people who stayed then quit. I really have no idea the min or max per trainer. For major games like COD on PS and Xbox I would have more than one trainer working on a ridiculous amount of members who needed help. However the trainer would have to be able to at least train 5 people per gaming session otherwise it would be like you said a complex process when the member could just ask for help instead of going through it all. But like I said this would be a major op and I really hope to see more than just 1 or 2 people in a group. I really hope to see this take off and think it would be a good idea for gamers in need of help. But this is just an idea I need to find people who would be willing to be a trainer or manager And to add to this, there would have to be enough members, a trainer, and a manger in order to make the game the members want into the offical training game group. That was hard to say lol, what I meant was there has to be enough people in the training group for the game to really kick off. The "major games" will have it easier but games like idk Divinity Dragon Commander will be harder for a game group to get started.
  14. Okay so here is what I've drawn up for AJSA as a beginning idea. AJSA can be divided up into three different branches(or more later on) that define what you are in the training group. Managers: These guys or gals are the ones who take care or scheduling an event for the AJSA. They would take care of the date, time, place, etc. so that everything take place without a hitch. A manager also helps teach others, if they so chose, and can also help broadcast the event. By broadcast I mean they could have a live twitch event for members who cannot attend or maybe even record the training and post it on Youtube for other members to view. Managers also can remove SIDs or Trainers who after review and proof or their transgressions can remove them from the training group. Trainers: Kinda self explanatory but anyway, they are the the people who take time to teach the soldiers in need, SIDs for short. They help in anyway they can and after discussing with the Managers, they can establish a regular class for the SID. Trainers also reserve the right to not train the SID because of behavior or unwillingness to learn and cooperate. Trainers also have the right to promote SIDs to Trainers when they think they will help the AJSA as trainers. SID: The Solder in Need is basically the gamer that needs help to become a better player. Anyone is a SID once they ask but can easily become a trainer after showing their gaming prowess and by continually keeping in contact with their trainer. SIDs have the right to inform higher ups in the AJSA that they are being treated unfairly or being treated as an idiot by their trainers or managers. Problems with anyone in Training: Anyone can report to the AJSA moderators or higher with problems regarding Managers or Trainers. A strike system can be developed close to the AJSA system that will deal with anyone who is being "difficult" in training. The strike system excludes no one and everyone in training can recevie one but only if a different SID, Trainer, and Manager agree that the person does actually deserve the strike. Or it can just stay how it is in AJSA, kinda just decided to throw this part in for anyone who thought about it. So that's all I could really think of at the time, and I am open to any suggestion that can help the training thread. I really hope that the Lord Commander and Angry Council will support this to get going because this can only improve AJSA further. Ok Angry Army I posted this on the famous Club Lounge quite awhile back, but I want to see everyone's opinions on this. A few club members think this is a really good Idea, but I think its time that the initiative needs to be taken. If you would like to go ahead and help get this thing rolling, comment! Basically all this is is a kinda beginning for what will be a training gaming group for AJSA.