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Wolf Spider

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  1. Wolf Spider liked a post in a topic by The Anti-Santa in Eternal Darkness Very Underrated Horror game   
    That game is awesome. It makes me sad that Silicon Knights took such a dramatic turn to absolute shit when they made Too Human
  2. Oracle7 liked a post in a topic by Wolf Spider in GTA IV or GTA V   
    ^completely agree with Aquila, here. I prefer IV way more, and was actually pretty disappointed in V. It's still a good game, but in no way did I find it the 10/10 perfect game that all the publications gave it. I actually think IV falls a lot closer to that. 
  3. JarlBalgruuftheGreater liked a post in a topic by Wolf Spider in Anyone sad that the new Arkham game is pc and Next-Gen exclusive?   
    I'm sad, but only because I'm not ready to let the 360/PS3 go. Time goes on, and next-gen is here, so it's probably best I plan to save up to buy when the games I want are on next-gen only. I imagine this will probably be the last year we get any cross-gen games, while 2015 will be mostly next-gen only.
  4. Wolf Spider liked a post in a topic by Akirasolid in Why AJSA should support PS2 on PS4   
    Your title threw me off, I thought you meant Playstation 2, lol
  5. Wolf Spider liked a post in a topic in How many 360's did you go through?   
    Still have my original white 360, but I've had it repaired 5 times (for free) and it will go to RRoD if I don't unplug the hdmi cable when I turn on the console and plug it in after 10 seconds. Truly the most dysfunctional console I have ever purchased...
  6. ActionPaz liked a post in a topic by Wolf Spider in Batman : Arkham Origins and why it didn't do well.   
    It definitely suffered from too much same-ness. More Riddler collectibles, more Joker, more challenge maps, etc. To me, it honestly felt like a large piece of dlc stretched thinly into a full retail release. It's not bad, but it's not great either. It's easily the worst of the 3 and an obvious cash-in. Lets face it though, this game had lot to live up to. With Asylum and CIty setting the bar so high, it's not really surprising that this prequel made by another developer turned out the way it did.
    If it's one thing I give applause to the game for though, is the voice actor for the Joker. That is one awesome impersonation of Mark Hamill's version. I think it was Troy Baker who did it? I was really impressed.
  7. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by Wolf Spider in What upcoming games do you want Angry Joe to review?   
    Everything. Joe should review everything
  8. Rainversey liked a post in a topic by Wolf Spider in What game franchise do you want to make a comeback?   
    Legacy of Kain. A proper sequel to Defiance. Not the rebooted crap they cancelled, or the awful f2p "Nosgoth" garbage they're making...
    KOTOR 3
  9. Luke Skywalker liked a post in a topic by Wolf Spider in Hardest Game You've Ever Played   
    Silver Surfer on NES.
    Fuckin bullshit game. Watch the Angry Videogame Nerd review of it.