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Rita the Fox

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  1. Rita the Fox liked a post in a topic by TrinTong in The Secret World - VOTE FAILED   
    More reason for you to try this game. Only $10.19 !!!

  2. Frozen_arow liked a post in a topic by Rita the Fox in A well deserved break.   
    After the Tomb Raider released in 2013, i think Lara Corft needs a pretty well spent vacations
  3. Hawko liked a post in a topic by Rita the Fox in The Secret World - VOTE FAILED   
    Also this mounth, i belive, there will be a huge update where more story missions will come, and new areas as well.
    I  belive it will be in Tokyo, in the Orochi Tower, with new dungeons and enemies
    Also, issue 9, 10 and 11
  4. cool breeze liked a post in a topic by Rita the Fox in Mass Effect 4   
    I heard around it was something about after the Reaperattack, like a sequel. It dsn't sound as promesing as a prequel, but it might happen.
    Or maybe we might have a chance to play inside the story where shepard was still alive and after he/she was killed (yeah idk what to call him/her)
  5. RennardFuchs liked a post in a topic by Rita the Fox in Hey there everybody :)   
    Be Welcome
  6. Rita the Fox liked a post in a topic by Sweet Silence in Which game do you think is going to be game of the year.   
    I hope that Tomb Raider wins GOTY. I haven't played any game this year that is as much fun, and written so well. GTA V was a let down as far as story goes. I am not sure about BF4, or CoD Ghosts. I read from users on here that they both suck in storymode. Tomb Raider gets my vote a thousand times over.
  7. Rita the Fox liked a post in a topic by The grimm cat in Would you consider Team Fortress 2 to be one of the most balanced shooters in the industry?   
    its pretty balance, until for some unkown reason your team has about 5 spies, no doctors, a couple of snipers, three scouts and a pyro. When that happens you are probably gonna get fucked up...
  8. Sweet Silence liked a post in a topic by Rita the Fox in THE MOST BAD-ASS FEMALE GAME CHARACTER   
    (It's just my opinion lolz i'm not into the whole knowing all games) either:
    Lara Croft
    Combat Girl and Assassin (Super mnc =P)
  9. Rita the Fox liked a post in a topic by aura bolverk in Exciting to Join   
    Welcome to the AJSA 
  10. aura bolverk liked a post in a topic by Rita the Fox in Exciting to Join   
    Good Day for those who are reading this post. First of all, i don't speack english very well, so my apologize.
    I am just an ordinary gamer. And i wanted to join this community to argue about games with other people, and maybe make friends :3
    I spend more of my time playing video games, mainly coop, because i love those. But half of the time is either Super Monday Night Combat (OMG I LOOOOVE THIS GAME), or the Secret World (i prefer this over Guild Wars 2). I like to argue about games theorys, characters and stories, and i may look like the serious type of person, but i am not THAT serious (you know, to the point of being cold and sarcastic<---not me in usual days).
    All the games i play i own them in steam (i mean not ALL, i donwload some, but if i like those, i usually buy them after =\), so if you people woud like to add me send me a message at the forum, cuse my steam account is set to friends only due to...personal reasons. i am really looking forward ot play with new people. (Just don't make me feel like a noob). (Also don' ask me to play Dota or LoL, i don't like those games)
    So now a little about me! Well i am 16 years old, i hope i can join with that age, and i am a person that is also concern about enviroment and animals (i'm vegetarian, but don't let your self get fooled, i still see the grace of Bacon!), but i don't usually talk about that a lot. My favourite Band is Evanescence (<3 them 4 ever), and my favourite movie is Jungledyret (favorite character is from this movie, which is Rita the Fox).
    Sorry for the Long post.