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  1. My body is ready. c(-.-c)
  2. Followed. d-(-.-)
  3. I haven't played SCII in a good long while, but I watched Apollo's videos to learn how to play Zerg. Link to his YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/dignitasApollo/videos It's been awhile since he uploaded videos but it should more or less still be up to date with Heart of the Swarm. Hope it helps. Additionally, watching streams on Twitch is a good idea as well to see games from the players point of views.
  4. Yeah, I wanted to do something like that for like Mass Effect for someone who wasn't able to play it, but for whatever reason loved watching my twitch streams. It really is a pretty bad ass thing to be able to pan out an entire story with all decisions and consequences. My head hurts thinking how big "the spider's web" would be for ME if I actually tried to do it ha ha. Anyways, wish you luck with it, and have fun! Otherwise...what's the point?
  5. Sounds a lot simpler on paper, but pulling it off would be just short of genius in my opinion. I love the whole idea, though I worry this is what YouTube's new retardo-bot will go after. *shrug* Cool shit is still cool shit though. Thumbs up. d(-.-)
  6. That is EvE. It's one of the most evil, if not the most evil game I know. If it could it would kill you, freeze dry you, and sell you on the market for even a single ISK of profit. If I could find that exact quote for that I would post it. I played EvE for six to seven years and loved it, especially with all the sissy, easy mode games that were around it was awesome to have something that was more "hardcore" as it were. Anyways, simply put: EvE is not a game for everyone. It's harsh and evil and usually people either love it or hate it. You have to learn from your mistakes or you're just going to get destroyed repeatedly, you still might if you aren't strong enough to survive in the harsh environment of New Eden.
  7. I love the "spirit" of Christmas, it's too bad it's just once a year. Sharing and caring all year round seems too much for the human race, oh well, c'est la vie.
  8. I signed up, BETA is BETA. No reason everything shouldn't improve by the end.
  9. Love my anime and my manga too. Started with DBZ when I was a child, watched and read more than I can count at present. Recently got my brother into it using Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), now he too watches them. Unfortunately for me, one of my favorites is Berserk, get like one chapter a year... (T_T)
  10. Hell fricking yeah! Can't wait! Mossie race to boot.
  11. Lol...yeah...probably somewhat accurate. Thanks for adding a bit of lightheartedness in the whole copyright Skynet BS.
  12. Being a YouTuber is a career, not a job. You don't sit at your desk from nine to five. You work from the moment you wake to the moment you pass out. You work your ass off, because you love what you do and you get paid for it. Stop fueling the flames of ignorant, unhappy trolls on the internet. Leave them to their ignorance and hypocritical bullshit, and just enjoy the hard work and love Joe puts into his shit, or should we go tell Actors/Actresses and musicians to go get "real jobs" too? Grow the fuck up. "In a career no matter how many hours you work, you do it, because it's satisfactory, but in a job you do it for a salary." - from Spoken Word by Suli Breaks. It's real easy to point and poke fun, yet at the end of the day food needs to be put on the table. It would be great to be able to do what you love to do all the time without a worry about an income. However reality doesn't allow that does it? Now being able to do what you love for a living, then having it threatened, and having people accuse those of being sellouts and such...well...it is very easy to point, but if this was all for free, who is going to pay the bills of the countless YouTubers, and YouTubers to be...you? 7:30 am and I haven't exactly slept yet so i don't know how shitty I typed up this post, but seriously...let it go. People can say what they want, words are just words without action. What Joe and countless others do is more than a simple job, it is a career and a livelihood. Humans will always be jealous of those that have what they don't. Get over it. I'm talking too much this early/late. I need sleep! ZZZzzz...
  13. Yeah, I'm not gunna lie. That is pretty damn slick. Ha ha. XD Thumbs up. d(-.-)
  14. http://www.newegg.com is the most popular source to build your own PC. However, if you are a "PC newb," you'd probably want to get a prebuilt one but those are usually pretty overpriced. Helps people if they know what your budget is as well, you'd be surprised thinking your budget is tight when building a decent PC isn't as expensive as people think.
  15. If I had a YouTube channel worth mentioning, I would have done exactly that. Maybe use my webcam instead of a static background though. Man, imagine how fucking frustrating that would be, getting a BETA copy of HL3 and not showing a damn thing, just hearing and/or seeing reactions. I'd want to shoot someone, lol.