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  1. Hello fellow AJSA members! I am making this topic to ask for your opinion on what would be a good development software to make Fighting games. I am a new coder/wannabe game developer so I don't have that much experience in this field. However, my passion for fighting games and games in general has influenced me to make my own fighting game. So far the only software Ive thought about using is Unity since its a popular engine (and the free price tag isn't bad either) but I'm curious if there are other software that are good for making fighting games. I know Mugen is a popular engine but that seems to be more of a "Drag & Drop" thing than actually creating your own game. Plus, I want to be able to market my product in the future and you aren't allowed to do that in Mugen (But for some reason I am wrong, don't hesitate to prove me wrong!) I guess would prefer something that is "Newbie friendly" Since my coding isn't the greatest but I don't mind going beyond the limit to make something that can be really enjoyable. I appreciate your help
  2. Red Fang - Malverde
  3. I tried adding you on PSN but it said I couldn't because of your settings
  4. AJSA doing a Mortal Kombat tournament???? I have been a kombatant for many years but I have never fought in a tournament before, ive only fought against my friends and older cousins. If I am chosen to fight, I will strive to defeat my opponents in the most brutal and honorable way. No Cheap shots, No Trash Talk, No blaming of the controller everytime you drop a combo. The only thing that will determine the winner is skill and determination. I Will Klaim VICTORY
  5. PSN: Nenga15 I own GTA V, MK:X and the last of us remastered. My favorite game to play right now is Mortal Kombat (Probably my favorite series ever) However I dont have PS plus right now so the only game I play online is DC Universe. Also I would love to join the AJSA room!!! most of my friends are either PC of Xbox players so I havent gotten the chance to play with anyone yet.
  6. Did the new update fuck anybody over? I cant join any server. It says it initializes battle eye and then it says im using a modified data file and gives me an error. Ive also been hearing of other people getting the same issue aswell as having their character wiped.
  7. Does anyone know if two people in the darkmoon blade covenant can invade one sinner at the same time? I think this can be done in dark anor londo but what about outside that area?
  8. Has the game improved since launch? When I first played it the controls were freaking stiff I thought the game had a hard on for me
  9. I started playing as a Nord. I wanted to be a freaking barbarian wearing fur armor and just wreck everything that I see... Then I realised that fur armor isnt that great. So now im a spellwarrior kinda guy (Like the dude from witcher)
  10. Holy shit man!!!!! this is so freaking cool!!!! thank you!!!!
  11. Does making Actors/events in unity work the same way in stencyl where you can just drag and drop the code?
  12. I play guitar, bass, drums, and piano. But I am mostly a DRUMMMERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I am really looking forward to the next MGS games. It'll give me a reason to buy a PS4 lol
  14. I just downloaded Stencyl and I'm going through the crash courses on the website right now. I am surprised at how easy this program is! Right now I want to make some small games and try out different genres and see which one I like the most. What I really want to be able to do one day is make a RPG with a bunch of different quests and dungeons. Is stencyl good for something like that or would I have to use a different program for that? What to keep my games 2D, 3D seems like it would take more than one person to make.