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  1. johnboyready liked a post in a topic by SgtRoss in SgtRoss reporting as ordered!   
    Good evening,
       I am SgtRoss of the AJSA Council and I would like to welcome you all to the Angry Army. I was not told to come here and introduce myself, but in my opinion it is a common courtesy to the troops to do so.
    To give a little background on myself, I started gaming right around when the first Doom came out and really got into online play with the release of Quake and Ultima Online. I came on to the competitive gaming scene around 98-99 with Starsiege: Tribes when TWL and OGL ladders were just babies. Since then I have been a huge fan of MMOs and FPS's.
    I have been married for over ten years and I served six years in the Marine Corps infantry as a 0341 (infantry mortarman, 60mm mortars to be specific), with multiple deployments including MEUs and one to Afghanistan. I was in 1/5 Charlie company and 1/23 Alpha Company for those six years in a weapons platoon, except for deployments where we generally were turned into a rifle platoon.
    I was promoted to Sergeant in 2011 during my third month in Afghanistan, thus my name SgtRoss, which is a direct reflection of reality, I am a Marine Corps Sergeant named Ross.
    I have been real life friends (I live down the street from him) with our Lord Commander AngryJoe for many years now and since my return from active duty a couple years ago, have become more and more involved in our friendship. I have been working behind the scenes with him to get this community off the ground for this reboot, so now, here I am as one of your council members.
    I look forward to meeting every one of you and can't wait to see you all on the battlefield.
    Victory or Death!
    Picture taken of me from my gunner on our MRAP during a dismounted patrol.