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  1. ill be there
  2. yea it looks more gay this way. (nothing against gay people love ya warm brothers but you get my point)
  3. Valve and Bethesda just become more evil then EA ever was.
  4. Yeah but thats Joe being Joe! A real dude who when he sees injustice or bullshit he response to that no matter what because its the right thing to do. Im like this too thats why i have some kinda a need and feeling that i should do something. But i will not act by myself and put myself over the AJSA, its the angry army and not one angry man army.
  5. You right Tons i just experienced that on Twitter, that guy wont stop replying to me no matter what i say. Its crazy
  6. I think that is not the only reason, i follow Joe on Youtube now for years and years and this man truly loves games. He said it himself he had more fun whit the Wii U then whit the PS4 and Xboxone and i think he loved some of the contend on this Consol and was talking about making some reviews about Wii U games. Hes a creative Person and i bet these Nintendo Game Reviews would have ben hilarious because the games are a good ground for funny stuff. I always was waiting for him to put on a Mario Suite because... he kinda looks a little bit like Mario since he gained weight hahah
  7. maybe you guys are right but it feels so wrong not doing something while he gets that big of a shitstorm since days. @Doctor_GLaDOS good video but i think its a little bit diffrent if it comes to Youtubers?!
  8. Like you all know Joe is been the target of many trolls and even some Youtube Channels for his rant against Nintendo and their stupid Copyright claim. When you look at Joes Twitter ther are many People trolling him and talking bad about what he is doing like he where some greedy Idiot who only cares about making money, they even insult him and so on. I dont know but i feel kinda bad and it looks like he is taking this battle alone wich he shouldend. We the true Angry Joe Show Fans and AJSA Members who care about the Show, him and this Community should do something about it?! I say we got ot war and put out our opinion and support for Joe on every Youtube Channel and fucking Troll out there that Insults Joe and calls him Names. I think we should fight back! Ther are ways to show that Joe has many fans and supporters behind his back, that he is not alone and that his opinion DOES matters. Im not saying that whe should insult somebody or stuff like that, just defending him in a good manner and showing how Glorious the AJSA is. So what you Guys think!? Maybe some of the Council Members have an opinion about this? I think we should at least put out an reaction for this unjust Shitstorm on Joe. I personaly feel that we should do something, because whit out the Angry Joe Show i sure would have buy many shity games. And thanks to the Angry Joe Show i sure would never have buy some of the best games out there if Joe didnt mention them and supported them whit honest and real talk reviews.
  9. welcome to the AJSA bro
  10. the only pre order i didnt regret was when i pre orderd Deamon Souls and Starcraft 2 thats the only two times i didnt regret. All others i regret bad!!!!!
  11. was watching it live and i must say it was hard to watch them both play this game hahah i more like Delrith playing it, its not that painfull watching him play it lol
  12. i dont think that WWE ruined the Royal Rumble i like Roman Reigns and i think he deservs the push, it seems only the American Fans didnt like him winning the Royal Rumble. Lucha underground is very intense i see, nice.
  13. yes he does, i hope he will see this and give you some credit for this or the bad ass seal, you deserve it
  14. hahah damn akhi i think you just broke the community record whit this donation, mad respect for that!