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  1. Cue terrible match-making, shitty spawns, 1 or 2 good weapons & and army of 10 year old shit talkers... other than that it surprisingly looks.. fun Haven't touched a Cod since my MW2 addiction, but is it true that you can completely pimp out your guy in them nowadays?? (Aesthetically n' such)
  2. The BF4 theme.. it was almost a winner.. except for all the excessive static sheite O_O Freaking loving the new old school theme tho! No amount of static wub wub will ever beat the epicness of the orchestra.. not to mention the instant flashbacks to the classic Battlefields whenever I hear it
  3. Welcome to the Angry Army
  4. Welcome to the Angry Army, hope you enjoy your stay
  5. Welcome to the Angry Army bud
  6. aaand finally..
  7. LMAO^
  8. Can't believe I was a lil' bit worried about Brazil, incredible game
  9. Me

    Welcome to the Angry Army Eron
  10. Finished it last week and I pretty much just stabbed/teleported my way through the entire game, never really bothered too much with all the collectibles after the first mission. Come to think of it, I never touched any of the other equip other than the occasional pistol/crossbow shot
  11. Welcome to the Angry Army bud Ah yes, the interview.. I believe one of the officers will be contacting you soon to book in your skype interview, pretty sure they go for roughly an hour long. Best of luck
  12. Welcome to the Angry Army bud "Most important I love a good and fair fight and enjoy having a good time playing games." - quite a good mindset to have, don't seem to see it often nowadays