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  1. Haha you should see what some people joked over this feature. Its odd that CA would include such thing when there were much more important things thanthose torches. I've lost most of my faith with them, its sad to think that it could of been a different story if things weren't so rushed.
  2. I can't CHOOSE! I've always been a player of many genres and I couldn't possibly live without any one of them.
  3. No, no, its okay. Everybody's free to talk about their musical experiences. I noticed there isn't a post about music. Then I thought, heck there should be one. Nice guitar btw
  4. Well it depends on their past experiences. Our marching band is unfortunately hugely undermanned (only 20 or so fully active) and I'm currently the only trombone in the band. Our band has been going downhill ever since we lost support from the principal and only have one instructor to speak of. Ever since my first year, our seniors were the only ones to fully instruct us. Even then we didn't have much players. Thanks for the idea Lightning, will keep it in mind. Practice makes perfect as they all say. Gotta try to keep em in check then. Hugely appreciate the comments. Hate to go all hard on them, but then again, no pain no gain.
  5. Started playing GO this month actually, its a fun game. But I've never played CS or Source that much, they never caught my eye as much as other games such as Fallout and Total War. Keep getting headshoted most of my games, damn frustrating but hella of a fun
  6. As the title says, let's talk about musical instruments and the like! To start things off, currently I'm in a high school marching band, playing the trombone. Since next year's my last, I would like to ask what's the best strategy for me to teach the newer members, as I would like to delegate my job to them. As in do I teach them the marching basics first or do I touch the instruments first? I've been thinking on starting them on marching basics, but I'm open on any ideas
  7. I got a couple of books from the Black Library, most notably the Ultramarines Omnibus and three Horus Rising novels. Any difference from these to the Codex? I mainly played DoW and DoW II, there isn't a supplier of those awesome miniatures. I'd have to travel thousands of kilometres just to get to one XD
  8. Better to just stick to the past Total War games than Rome 2.. I was excited when the game was in development, but seeing the c*** they released just disappointed me. I'd rather keep my money than waste it on this. Heck I even bought Medieval 2 Gold on Steam and installed mods just to forget this. I gotta tell ya Stainless Steel and Third Age Total War are beasts!
  9. I think you got most of them. I was quite disappointed with what became of Rome 2. To think alpha of the game was much better than the finished...
  10. Thanks guys, it feels great to join this community. Looking forward to join the battlefield too
  11. Arfer1Master, reporting for duty. Joining the site would make an interesting experience and let's all get along while pwning noobs (pardon my language )
  12. First game might've been a soccer game, but honestly I can't remember. Had tons of fun playing Battlefield Veitnam when I was 7 though, stayed up all night just for the game.
  13. I started playing Tales of the World : Radiant Mythology maybe around 2007? Honestly I can't remember. But I've been a fan of the series since then. Currently am playing Radiant Mythology 3 and it's a blast I've played: Tales of Destiny Tales of Destiny 2 Tales of Eternia Tales of Hearts Tales of Innocence Tales of the Abyss Even so I haven't finished a tales of game since radiant mythology, so yeah..