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  1. Riverside75 liked a post in a topic by WingWingHerro? in New member?   
  2. WingWingHerro? liked a post in a topic by Riverside75 in New member?   
    This is for new members that join AJSA DOTA 2.
    Leave a comment. Add your steam account so we can see who you are and add you. I check the forums almost readily everyday.
    Don't  be afraid and join us during events. Planning on having prizes and what not to accommodate people in our community that play with us.
    Angry Joe Show Army DOTA 2
    Steam group where i post events or subjects that are dota related.
    People to add are
    Riverside(US Officer),Fudaharta(Canadian Sargent),Mickymouseinthehouse(United Kingdoms Sargent),WingWingHero(Japanese Sargent)
  3. Riverside75 liked a post in a topic by WingWingHerro? in Nc Shitpost Valve GG WP   

    Art by DumbElephant
  4. WingWingHerro? liked a post in a topic by Humorousone in Arma 3 - New beginnings!   
    Hello AJSA Arma 3 fans!

    This is just a quick notice:
    we now have a working arma 3 server, which is currently running Ahoyworld's invade and annex, which I've modified slighty.
    This server is going to be used as both a private server for our events, and a public server for the rest of the time.

    Hopefully we'll be having our first event next sunday (9th July), but between now and then I need to do some load testing on the server.


    The server is open to the public, and the more people in the game, the more exciting and immersive invade and annex becomes, so I invite all AJSA members with Arma 3 to join in.

    Monday evening, at about 6pm BST, there will be both an unoffical event/meetup on the public server, and a meeting for all those wishing to get involved with Arma, to discuss what direction we want to go with the game, and what you guys want from the community over the coming months.

    By joining in, you'll be helping forge what will hopefully be a great community, and a great experience, for all those playing Arma 3 here.

    See you in teamspeak and in the field, and thank you, soldiers!

  5. Legolas_Katarn liked a post in a topic by WingWingHerro? in Free copy of dragon age (for steam)   
    I have taken it thanks for the game
  6. Legolas_Katarn liked a post in a topic by WingWingHerro? in Free copy of dragon age (for steam)   
    I have taken it thanks for the game
  7. WingWingHerro? liked a post in a topic by Eiousx in [June 27th] Strategy Weekly Events. (Updated Weekly)   
    June 27th there will be an Would in conflict event at 9am CST

      The event will be hosted by Gamemaster crazykidsbite


    Game will begin once everyone is gathered for the event in teamspeak. Come join us for a great time.




    June 27th there will be an Total War Attila event at 6pm GMT.

    The event will be hosted by Gamemaster Commander Beef


    Game will begin once everyone is gathered for the event in teamspeak. Come join us for a great time.





            june 27th there will be a Starcraft 2 event at 9pm GMT.

             The event will be hosted by Gamemaster Zavaira.



         This event will take place on teamspeak. The game itself will involve free-for-all, team battles, and after that custom games in arcade mode. Show up for a great time.




                      Feel free to PM me if further details are required.

                 Follow this thread as it will be updated weekly to reflect new events.
  8. WingWingHerro? liked a post in a topic by Humorousone in DayZ Event - 27/03/2015   
    Tonight (27/03/2015), at ~9pm GMT (moved forward because of clash with tabletop) there will be a game night on DayZ, where we'll be playing in factions (in teamspeak too) and having a lovely little war between ourselves.
    The admins have kindly given us a (huge, imo) 30 slot server to play on during the event tonight.
    There will be two teams. Red and Green.
    The two teams will be able to name their teams as they wish
    This is our area of operations for tonight:

    The objective will be to find a certain item in a certain town around Cherno.
    The server will be online and open to the public prior to the event starting (and it will be PvE).
    Once each team is together, and the event starts, PvP is allowed.
    It will be passworded once the event starts.
    Just to keep things fun, there are going to be some ground rules:
    (some stuff stolen borrowed from the friendly flashmob roleplay server rules list)
    1. Killing on sight is not allowed in any place on the map, other than in Cherno, Novoselky and Dubky.
    Elektra is a PvE FRIENDLY zone.
    All other zones are PvP, where robbing and kidnapping are allowed, although while doing both try not to be a dick
    Interact with people if you're robbing them.
    Straight up executing in this circumstance is not allowed.
    2. Kudos points are avaliable for those who can Kidnap enemies succesfully, by reaching the left airstrip.
    (rewarded in the form of items and weapons).
    Once a person is kidnapped, it becomes a mission to rescue them before they reach the  airstrip.
    3. Don't forget that we're all friends here.
    Regardless of what happens in game, it's just a game, so don't get mad
    I'll be hanging out in teamspeak all day if you need to ask any questions.
  9. Riverside75 liked a post in a topic by WingWingHerro? in DayZ? anyone?   
  10. Munty liked a post in a topic by WingWingHerro? in We can finally breath friends   
    I have been waiting for this since the start of space engineers


  11. WingWingHerro? liked a post in a topic by Maghorn in SE Event: Prepare to fight!   
    The time has come to leave our humble planet and reach into the stars! Space is treacherous, however, so let us see how well you can fly.
    The Mission:
    Build the best fighter you can with the parts allowed, then shoot down your opponents in the arena. The battles will be set as a 1v1 tournament style event. Each player will be randomly assigned an opponent and be sent into one of two hangars. Both players will be given up to 15 minutes to build their ship, which will then be inspected and sent out to the arena.  To sign up for the event, leave a comment below. Rules of Combat:
    Each fighter may only have two thrusters facing in each direction, one gyroscope, and any combination of 3 weapons. Each fighter must fit within the building area marked by the yellow square in the space station's hangar. In combat, players may not ram each other's ships or attack the space station. Failure to comply will result in disqualification from the event. The Location:
    A special AJSA event server will be activated on Saturday, March 21st at 4:00 PM EST. The server will only accommodate 10 players, so it is first come first served. See you all in the stars!

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  12. Ender liked a post in a topic by WingWingHerro? in Dota 2 = Girlfriend?   
    gucci shrek