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  1. MasterFS liked a post in a topic by AlShareef114 in Angry Joe and a Cute Girl!   
    Sup my fellow AJSA Commrads,

    I found this Video yesterday:

    Its about a cute Girl meeting and Dancing whit our fearless Leader at the E3. I kinda find it funny and its rare footage. Ther is even a Video where she talks about this its kinda cool.

    What ya guys think? Joe got some moves? I think he made a better dancing in the Star Wars Kinect whit the Vader and Emporer dance 
  2. Turbowullie liked a post in a topic by MasterFS in Good for Beginners   
    I will recommend Rome: Total War if you want a good strategy game, and medieval 2 total war. because they don´t need the best settings to be played because they are little old, but they are superb and i have hat tons of fun with them. But the age of empire franchise is also extremly good too, and  played them alot too. and if you like the Lord of The Rings movies, I will recommend Lord of The Rings Battle for Middel Earth 2 and its expansion pack.