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    Horror games/films/books, RPG's, classic FPS, basically all game genres lol, Anime/manga, Weightlifting, Scale model building etc, Spicy food, Magic the Gathering and Board games
  1. This post is late as the game came out 5th sept but whatever lol, I really enjoy RTS games, especially large scale one's like Supreme Commander (though I'm not that good) and was wondering how many Sup Com fans there are etc. and whether Planetary Annihilation interests you, honestly I like the look of it but it still seems unfinished so I will wait
  2. I haven't played it in ages, would love to go back to it so I can't really tick yes just yet lol but I will try to get into it again soon
  3. Great to see you're interested! It's always nice to get new people into board gaming, hopefully more people will want to do this too, the link to Vassal is here http://www.vassalengine.org/ forgot to put it in the description lol
  4. We can use Vassal to play all the best board games online (this info may be old to some but meh) including my favorite Arkham Horror etc. If your interested please reply and we could maybe set up a day or night when we may reguarly play something.
  5. Let's hope they have some form of match making where it puts you with players with the same level
  6. I don't think it says anything else tbh http://silenthill.wikia.com/wiki/Blue_Creek_Apartments
  7. Favorite class: Sniper, Pyro and Demoman/knight Favorite weapon: Hitmans Heatmaker, The Backurner, The Half-Zatoichi and The Huntsman Favorite hat: All of them lol
  8. Cool, I have it but I haven't got in a game yet lol, it just comes up with trying to connect to server ._.
  9. Dead Island: Epidemic is a moba like game based in the Dead Island universe. It's a more action based moba with wasd movement and more arena combat with no lanes, it's currently in closed beta and looks to be pretty fun, any one else interested?
  10. Hell yeah, invite please - Azuala_Hazzleton, I play on Standard league, Eu server
  11. That would be great
  12. Hey guy's, Renegade X is the Spiritual sucessor to C&C:Renegade. It's a free to play C&C multiplayer FPS/TPS with RTS elements, the goal is to destroy the opponents base whilst protecting yours and you can do in the air, on land or driving the BADASS MAMMOTH TANK! The fractions are the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod (NOD). I've been having a hell of a time playing it in it's current open beta stage and want to share the fun with everyone else, will see you on the battlefield http://renegade-x.com/
  13. Damn right it is