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  1. i'd like to join the clan as well if there's room. IGN: hellzhobo my friend would like an inv as well his IGN: TheWanderer thanks
  2. Account Name: hellzhobo.9130 Server: NSP
  3. It's worth the money if you got it with the Season Pass. I was dumb and forgot about the pass and paid $15 for Ep1. I personally thought it was too short. Loved the story and all, but it made me feel like I was missing something. I mean, for $15 Blood Dragon gave you a ton of content. I was also expecting to be using adam rather than vigors. I prefered the old powers over the new,(not including bucking bronco ). Still can't wait for Ep2 though. I am, after all, a story whore. Edit: That new gun was super cool though. I always love making enemies explode.
  4. BF4, first of all, is visually superior in every way. I heard about "graphics patches" for COD that would come at a later date, but haven't seen any recently. I played both Single Player campaigns and Multiplayer and have to say, you get more by going with BF4. Bigger, more interesting maps, more realistic gameplay, requires you to think on your feet, etc. COD has super fast paced gameplay, aim-bots up the ass, and a considerable amount of lag. For now, I'd choose BF4.
  5. Love both but its Elder Scrolls for me!
  6. I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to take a look at the PC version yet. I'm stuck at work right now so I can't really get on it. Does it look like a "next gen" game, or does it have relatively normal graphics for a PC game. I've played on Xbox360 and dem grafix not lookn 2 gewd. Just looking for opinions as I won't get to check it out for a couple more hours.