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  1. They killed it so hard. Just trailers and gameplay. None of those boring behind the scene interview crap. They even managed to make me care about CoD and GoW for the first time in many many years. And of course, VR actually now looks like something that the general public can get on board with.
  2. I was watching a musical last week. It's so stupid. People just break into song and dance for no reason. Why don't they just talk things out?
  3. If they are going to rehash something at least do it to a really old one like Morrowind.
  4. It's not about animal vs people. It's about guilty vs innocent.
  5. That is just disgusting. The animal abuse part, not the slut part. I love sluts. Without them who's going to make porn for me to fap to. Go, sluts, go!!!
  6. Douchebag voiceover guy who sounds like he has never touched a controller before and bashing anime fans when a good portion of your backers are probably anime fans. Good job guys!
  7. probably gonna wait for the expansion
  8. movie

    Definitive Spider-Man
  9. GIven how pathetic Steam is at curating its content, paid mods simply means a bunch of scumbags putting up garbage mods to scam money.
  10. That should've been how it worked in the first place
  11. Looks like they turned DOOM into some garbage console shooter, how disappointing.
  12. I use to use AVG but ever since they started doing pop up ads I stopped using them.
  13. No, leave him. If he cannot fight his way out then he does not deserve to go home.
  14. You are the only person on the internet I've seen with this interpretation of the scene. Batman trying to run down Superman makes absolutely no sense. The whole point of Batman stealing kryptonite is him knowing nothing he has will hurt Superman.
  15. The Batmobile obvious doesn't have perfect traction. We even saw it swerve and hit the side of a wall while turning a tight corner. I don't know how anyone can say Batman intentionally slammed into Supes when the whole scene is setup in a way to show Supes basically ambushing Batman to showcase his superior powers.