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    guitar, GTA, DMC, Final fantasy, minecraft, used to have a steam account, but my laptop now cries at the idea of running a game past 1998. i have played loads of games, and there are a few more games which i love which just don't jump to memory like the ones listed.
  1. anyone on ps3 looking for someone to play minecraft with add me if you want.
  2. also i would like to add, please bring this point to the attention of other youtubers and youtube users, these problems need to be known, and even if you don't agree with me at least state your opinion. this way the forum grows into a discussion, becomes bigger and bigger, and will ultimately make Joe aware of it. thank you for any support given, you will be doing something good for the community.
  3. hey AJSA community, i have found that a lot of youtube content creators haven't been all to happy of date, because of one reason; youtube strong-arming it's content creators, restricting their videos for no decent reason, and blocking reviews. this is the letter i attempted to send to Joe himself: this is the message i attempted to send to Joe, and i would like you to read it, and pass it on to him if you believe it is worth hearing: "hey Joe, big fan of yours here. i would be very surprised if you read this, but i thought i would take a shot at it, because it isn't just your channel that i am worried about but all of the other content creators as well, and i think that this message might be a good idea for you to really think over. create a free union for content creators just like yourself and establish by other youtubers, because if your not happy then your army isn't happy. if it was set up fairly amongst lots of youtubers then you could essentially push back the control that youtube has over you if you aren't creating content then youtube isn't getting as many hits, their advertisers aren't getting as much money, and therefore the company is worth less than it started. i saw how emotional you were about this, and i share that emotion with you as well as other youtubers. you are not alone, there are many who feel the same way as you, like me, who hasn't quite gotten into creating content myself, but i want to do it when there is a better youtube to do it on. please think it over if you get this, just in case i'll slip a copy to the council as well. i hope that i helped with my A-level knowledge of politics." so what do you think should happen? what are your opinions on the recent turn of events? do you think that my idea is a good one? let me know exactly what you think, and please promote this forum because it needs attention, and i hope that Joe will see this. thanks, have a good day
  4. starting to think that i should give up on this game. not accusing anyone, but i just keep on running into general douchebags who have no respect for other gamers. the other night i was playing, and i just hear this fully grown bloke keep on calling other players "bitch" and "nigga" (finding out later he was a 15 year old white boy made me quite angry) i wrote him a message telling him to stop with the over-use of foul language and stop bullying other people. he later went on to get his mates on the server, who were also joining in on really disgusting language and basically all ganged-up on me. i don't really care about the last bit, but i just thought it was rather petty. but that is just one of many others just like him which i have run into, and yes i can just switch servers but that isn't the point, i just keep running into similar characters. it's really making me want to stop playing a game which i really quite enjoy. i'm not against swearing, but within context, y'know? anyway, have any of you experienced this? i guess gaming amongst this community would be fine, but it's hard to get into servers where there are just decent gamers.
  5. all of you have made some really interesting points, ones that i hadn't even questioned before. a main point which you all kind of addressed was the fact that the characters don't have a basic RPG role, for example being a tank or healer. i think this is what makes every game different, and what makes the games so different when different people play it. the best way to describe the games is this in my mind; you get as much as you give into the game. with all of them you can power through them, complete them, move on with your life thinking it was an ok game. however if you pour hours upon hours into a final fantasy game then you get a lot more of a reward and feel slightly enlightened because of it. the fact that final fantasy games have given you a semi open world experience is a really good point AquilaVega, and i would agree that it is a big shame that 13 hasn't really followed suit. one point i would also like to touch on is that i think that 6,7,8,9, and possibly 10 and 12 have very strong political statements as well as having some really beautiful philosophical ideas. FFVII for example i think is a statement about industrialisation, and how humans take from the earth regardless of how it will react (if you've watched advent children the planet punishes the people for it's actions). and all of these games have very original characters, which disappointingly stops with 12, with lightning being a blatant rip off of cloud (i mean come on, the slightly spiky hair, the shoulder guard, a 'lightning cloud', slightly moody and guarded, being an ex-SOLDIER of some sorts, i can go on). but i would go on today to say that these games didn't just affect my perception of the world, but also my morals, and i believe that it affected all the people that played it. my final point; if we in the AJSA were to get a realm reborn (which is really quite fun, i was on the beta team for it) we should definitely unionise and recommend it for a game which should be officially supported. anyway, a question to leave this on; what do you think, if there were any, the hidden themes in the games? oh, and i like hearing people's top 5 characters, so if people would like to leave at the end of their posts their top 5 (can be villains also) that would be brilliant (and maybe a little reason next to it). 1. vincent valentine (controversial, but i just think there is this brilliant awe of mistery surrounding him) 2. zidane (fun-loving, and really refreshing protagonist for the series, when he loses his way and becomes deeply depressed and only his friend can help him is just beautiful). 3. jacht. just simply badass, one of the most cultured of all the characters, and really interesting. 4. cloud strife. simply because there has never been a story anywhere near like his (yes it is zack's story but the discovery of who he is was one of the most shocking things to me, which was just superbly written. 5. balthier. gives off the biggest han solo vibe, trying not to show that he actually cares, hiding it with jokes.
  6. hello, i am new to the AJSA community so i thought i would like to start off with a topic very close to me; the final fantasy series. i wanted the opinions of other gamers on which is their favourite, which are the most overrated/underrated, and which ones should be brought to release in glorious HD on either the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox one. i really want to get nostalgic again, and i believe it would be nice for some of the earlier ones to have a bit of a touch-up here or there. anyway, leave your opinions, as i enjoy hearing opinions on this great series. Thanks also please remember that you are fully entitled to your opinion, if you disagree with a point made then you can say so, but do it in a nice manner, and accept that everyone will have different experiences)
  7. hello to everyone. i also play GTAV on the ps3. my PSN id should be listed under my name, so if any of you want to add me, i'm happy with that. just put in the friend request that you are part of the AJSA would you? i play a lot of races or survival, and i know most of the best locations on pretty much all the maps for survival. give me a shout!
  8. is the ps3 one already up? can't find it. also there needs to be a commander involved.