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  1. While we recognise this situation is negatively affecting our members our policy, which many of you whom have posted in this topic realise, is that we do not support discussions around gamergate because they, the discussions, have continually strayed away from anything gaming related, they become political and feelings are getting hurt. Discuss it elsewhere. Another note; "in before the topic gets locked" is the most disrespectful thing you can do to a moderator. You're flagrantly stating you know you're breaking the CoC but simply before the topic is locked. If you know something is breaking the CoC our reasonable expectation is for you to report it not for you to contribute to it. With this standpoint made clear small punitive action is going to be handed out now and in future when people behave in this manner. You have been warned.
  2. One thing that really disappoints me in the UK is that we still have discriminatory laws affecting gay people and their ability to give blood. Even if you partake in protected anal sex with a, as it could be at the New Year, spouse you will be barred from giving blood. I think that is a totally unacceptable policy based around the 80s AIDS scare.
  3. Guns of Icarus Anniversary Event

    Listen up!! Get Ready for the Anniversary Event in Guns of Icarus. We are bringing back Insanity Saturday. The Event will take Place this Saturday 11/15/2014 4pm EST (9PM GMT). We will be having an Event will have multiple custom gamemodes (and some new ones) and will be live streamed through AJSAGaming channel. If you would like to join the AJSA clan in GOI then please post on the Guild Invites on the Guns of Icarus forums and apply on the in game guild page. See you in the Skys!!!
  4. I highly, highly, recommend people do this, and for those in the UK that they also sign up for the Anthony Nolan trust. Anthony Nolan try to match willing donors of bone marrow to those people suffering with diseases of the blood, specifically cancers, with much the same idea. As for the experience. I've never found it particularly painful except when a nurse once repeatedly missed my veins which is more painful than if they get it right first time but not enough to put me off enduring a few more jabs. I suggest you have a look at your arms and see if you think you can discern if one is 'veinier' than the other before going in. It can take a little time to go through getting registered and if you do it more than once you get a donor card which speeds the process up and gives you something to stick in your wallet with your blood type on it. I'm the always generous O-.
  5. That's super cool man, super cool, I've brought it up to the council to have a look at though no promises. Awesome job.
  6. You can keep talking about this GamersGate bollocks if you want but you won't discuss the idea that members of the AJSA staff are trying to manipulate forum views, posts and topics for some form of unknown agenda. If the topic was displaying 0 views I don't have a clue why and expect I won't find an answer. It's just one of those things. I want to consider this resolved, if you disagree you can send me a PM.
  7. I'm not alone, there's also Craigr910, we're a remarkably well-represented minority in the hierarchy of the AJSA...just like Scots are remarkably well-represented in building the cornerstones of modern society.
  8. For the Crucible Challenge a six-man fireteam was chosen to represent both consoles in a three hour long contest of the Control playlist. The PS4 Team Withastick Brawl7 BossGod - Sryupuwolf Recon_avwf ValkyraX Hero82 The XB1 Team Doshka17 xMrFacex Snackattack1210 - Chumbry42 WHEREISYRGODNOW ghoztkizz08 Soul Coll3ct3r Both teams fought well, but only one could achieve victory. With a 92% win ratio over the competitor's 83%, the winner of the Crucible Event is the Xbox One! With the end of this event, we now prepare for the beginning of our October challenges! Each victory is now worth TWO points, making it still any console's game! Our next event is something familiar with an interesting twist... The Iron Banner On Sunday, October 12th at 3:00 P.M. CENTRAL we will be taking advantage of the upcoming Iron Banner event to run the next Cross-Platform Competition PvP event! The event will be 3 hours long, console with the highest win-ratio is the victor! If you want to take part in event for your console you must send a message to your console officer: Xbox One - Doshka17 Playstation 4 - WithAStick ​ On Saturday we will use a lottery system to pick the participants. DO NOT OFFER TO PLAY IF YOU CAN NOT STAY FOR THE ENTIRE EVENT. The Xbox One has taken a quick lead, but these have been mere skirmishes in the grand campaign of the competition. Only time will tell who will be victorious. Until then, we fight on!
  9. I'm personally looking forward to when IX rears it's head because it was my favourite of the FF games around when I was a kid (VII-X)
  10. Guys don't discuss the politics of guns and police whilst in this topic please, the forum is no place for those types of discussion. Swatting is both dangerous and idiotic and I think we all want to see the back of it.
  11. Currently the ability to turn push to talk off is set to veterans and above. We try to limit the change from push to talk as much as possible as it encourages bad practices that affect other users enjoyment of our TS.
  12. Apex is home recovering, thanks to all you guys for coming out in support, it shows this is one of the best gaming communities out there. I'm unpinning the topic now but don't let that stop you posting, Apex still needs our help while he's getting better.
  13. I recall seeing an article reviewing them posted in a topic on the forum before but can't recall it. Far as I'm aware the way to go is still a bog standard PC unless you go far down the quality scale.
  14. Huge relief to hear you're ok and now you have the proper excuse for being out of practice at LoL
  15. Hello all, Apex Spartan, one of our moderators here, has been in a bad car accident last night. He's currently in hospital and his situation is serious. His brother contacted me through his account today to inform me. It would mean a lot to Apex and his family if you would take the time to either PM his account with well-wishes or leave a post here. What follows are some words from his brother. "Yesterday late night my brother was outside with his bike, he has had a lot of issues in his personal life and he had hard nights. He was hit by a car late at night around 3 in the morning and he has been hospitalized since. Not even us closest family have any news on when he will be released, currently he is still there and he might be hospitalized for some more time, it is uncertain how long, but he is in quiet a serious situation. He kindly asked if you could open up a public thread, inform everyone of his status and since he does not have any more friends left here." So, again, everyone wish Apex a speedy recovery while he and his family are going through this tough time, it would be greatly appreciated personally and on behalf of the site staff Dogfish