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    Chaplin - Retired Commander
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About Me

Hey Folks,

Inspired by my fellow Commander's efforts, Damion Rayne, I thought I'd write a little bio of myself and my responsibilities here.

About Me

I'm a Scientist. No, really. With the white coat and everything. Give me a few thousand dollars and I'll clone your dog.

Before being a Scientist I had to work a lot of shitty little jobs; kitchen work and door-to-door work being the worst. I can tell you a few stories from either if you prompt me.

I am Scottish. Get your kilt jokes out the way now, there's drinking to be done.

I tend to enjoy shooters, RPGs and whatever those mad indie game developers can come up with next. I'm a sucker for a humble bundle or a steam sale.

My Role in the AJSA

I started off life, two days after being a member, being promoted to moderator. It seems that decision wasn't regretted because about 6 months later, after a lot of bot-banning and flame-war-cooling, I was promoted to Commander. My duties as a Commander involve managing of the Moderation Staff. This includes moderator recruitment and handling member complaints. I am also the Point of Contact (PoC) for our Official Guns of Icarus group (talk to our fantastic clan members in the sub-forum, official support has been recent but already kicking arse). I am also the PoC for the Xbox One section of our community, talk to our Community Officer Doshka17 if you want to get involved in gaming with the AJSA guys and gals on your console.

Contact Me

Never hesitate to poke me on TS, PM me on the forums or contact me by carrier pigeon.