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  1. I mean, it's good to see that they're at least innovating on the old guitar design (six buttons which better depict how a guitar is actually played, but it's still a long shot from the real thing), however I feel like this game is a bit late. The rock band genre of games is pretty dead and doesn't have a very large following in terms of fan base. All I can really say to the developers is good luck moving this product, 'cause in this day and age I have doubts about consumer demand for it.
  2. Yeah, I'm sorta getting an EA vibe from their current approach with DLC. Don't get me wrong, MKX is a great game (Minus the fact that the damn thing wasn't ported properly to PC), but even the fact that they've decided to sell off easier button combos for fatalities for $5 is questionable. Great game, poor decision-making when it comes to DLC.
  3. CIS can seem pretty OP when you're first starting out in RaW, but once you get the learning curve down, definitely try Republic. Overall I prefer the majority of their units (Especially since the droid voice assets are annoying as hell), and who doesn't love commanding a super star destroyer with an escort of 15 venator cruisers?
  4. Over the course of a couple days now, EA's Star Wars Instagram account has been progressively posting the tiles to a picture of what seems to be some sort of Storm Trooper. What do you guys think it's going to be? From what I can tell as of writing this, the tube by the shoulder piece is sorta suggesting that it's a Space Trooper. Anyways, your thoughts on it? Source: https://instagram.com/eastarwars/
  5. Definitely excited, I've always been a fan of Halo. That being said, I feel like 343 and MS pulled some corporate BS by shipping the broken game that is the MCC. I realize that they've fixed the majority of the issues, but if 343 actually cared about the MCC they'd actually be trying to get people playing again, rather than just leaving it to die. They realize that they've made money on it and don't give a damn to support it anymore. I'm not pre-ordering Halo 5, that's a fact. Until 343 can prove that they can make a stable game, and not LIE about not knowing that it was broken (Since they couldn't have just not have known about the MCC issues), then I'll fully support Halo 5.
  6. I was really hoping that they'd go back to the roots of CoD and make a next-gen WWII game, but I guess they're just going to cash in with another copy and paste game. I really do have little hope for CoD as a franchise at this point. It's all good though, we've got other options in terms of holiday shooters. I'll definitely be getting Battlefront and Halo this year.
  7. I get to drive a giant capital ship and fire big guns, so yes, I'm pretty damn hyped for this game. >
  8. I would totally play this with the Angry Army if it had support! Battlefront and Battlefront II are life, man. (Hopefully EA realizes how big a deal Battlefront is and that they'd better not muck it up.)
  9. Personally my favourite to play as so far is Denmark. If you're able to annex Sweden and Norway and create Scandinavia, you get pretty damn OP. Here's a picture of how my Scandinavia game ended.
  10. Personally, I think it would be a great idea if Gamefreak kept both ideas of seriousness and light-heartedness in mind for future games. Although I loved the Delta Episode and the Black/White series of games because there was actual lore and mysteries involved, Pokemon at it's core should have a fun feel to it. Fun in the sense that all Nintendo games aren't quite serious but you have a good time playing them. That's the beauty of ORAS and the Delta Episode. There are light hearted times such as, per say, teaching Wally the basics of Pokemon Training at the start of the game, as well as more intense times like rushing to the top of Sky Pillar to get Rayquaza to destroy the incoming meteor, or travelling deep underground to encounter Kyogre/Groudon from destroying Hoenn. No matter what direction they take, I'll still play the games, but if they continue on the road their going on I only see the games improving over time.