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  1. hmm... maybe Hades, Poseidon & Guang Yu I had no problem with other god
  2. graphic tera win, gameplay gw2 win. gw2 prefer mastered 1 class because you need more reflect when pvp
  3. vote for neith, lol no, smite like moba for mmorpg player
  4. you can use map chat to ask, many good people in there. I had a guild (only me) but I'm rarely online until I got new PC
  5. That's first time I watch AJS & subscribe him
  6. depen how many gold you have, if you had a lot of gold then no need cash because you can trade gold to GEM with up date rate. mostly skin set cost 800gem thats mean you need around 70-90 gold depen on rate
  7. GW2 is not for grinding style player, if you do grindig you do on wrong game you also can guesting to other server in same region to search open dungeon (max 2 guesting/ID & will reset every 24h) or kill world boss, it doesn't metter wich home server you chose because you guys can form a party. but you can't do guesting for WvW, the auction house is connected to all server too. I score this game 9.5/10: gameplay, pvp/wvw system, BGM, landscape all really badass. but the other 0.5 point lose because the heavy armor skin hard to combine & I like full plate armor type (that's phalanx skin look more better than the other skin) no, of course not. even GW1 still had active player in there untill now
  8. 1. Ragnarok Online 2. Guild Wars 2 3. Final Fantasy XIV (old school gameplay, but I like the graphic)
  9. I'm agree with him The only thing you must remember is do not grind under lvl 80, because the real game start when you at lvl 80. many old school MMORPG gamers quit GW2 because they don't know what they must do again after geared lvl 80 character. GW2 is skill ON games. When other mmorpg need to enchant or refine your gear but not in here, you only need know how to use your class & what build you like. After make a character you can go to The Mist for sPvP, all lvl 80 & can change your trait anytime (out side arena) & figh other player with no armor stat. you only need to set up rune, sigil, weapon, utility skill & trait depend on what build u use. If you want big war with other 2 server (on same tier), you can go to borderland. but only your lvl got up, you still need to change gear & weapon in here because u use PvE build in here. WvW is crazy 24h nonstop war, if you follow a good commander you will know zerg vs zerg tactic & even ambush to claim enemy fort.
  10. I like story line from console RPG, specialy from FF series. On MMORPG I feel like my other world because I can do anything what I can't do in real life
  11. well... better than do same daily/weekly for abbys gear on AION, I'm online GW2 only for mining for now coz need upgrade my PC. I almost back to AION to test gunner, but I'm lazy when remember my grind. I'm from P2P player till Tiamaranta
  12. nice color matching with background, necro is a good class. alot condi dmg & annoying summon
  13. hi... I'm from TC too. you can use WvW for lvling & collect Badge for lvl 80 gear from it, if you not PvP player you can join champion train on Queendale. got lvl scale in GW2, so you can lvl up on low lvl map using event. The most importent things in GW2 is try to evade (roll)
  14. Is that game a PC version or need emulator to play??
  15. I'm from Siel Elyos a year ago, now I'm on GW2 where is high ping can beat lower ping